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Treating Murfreesboro Like Family

In 2010, the first Stones River Dermatology was opened in Murfreesboro by Dr. Ronald Nelson. Since then, Stones River Dermatology has expanded to three locations in Rutherford County, where Dr. Nelson and his staff consistently offer the best care in aesthetics and dermatological needs of their patients. Stones River Dermatology’s practice administrator, Asheton Bertrand, tells us more about how this powerful team of providers and staff has easily established themselves as one of Murfreesboro’s most trusted private dermatology practices in our community. 

1. Could you tell us a little bit about Stones River Dermatology?
Dr. Nelson is the owner of Stones River Dermatology. He opened the practice in 2010, then we expanded into Smyrna in 2015. We have five providers: two doctors, three nurse practitioners and physician assistants. [Dr. John Starling, MD] is a MOHS Surgeon. He does our micrographic surgery in Smyrna. Since the practice opened in 2010, we’ve just continued to grow. 

2. What are some of the services people can expect to find at Stones River Dermatology?
We are a full-service dermatology. We offer medical dermatology, surgical dermatology, pediatric dermatology, and of course cosmetic dermatology services as well. So really a full scope of anything and everything that a patient would need in regard to treatment of any kind of skin condition or cosmetic desires, or surgical needs in all age groups. We have patients that are just a few months old, and we have patients in their 90s and everything in between. 

3. What would you say sets Stones River Dermatology apart from others?
Almost all of our employees live in the community or within the surrounding community. We only hire staff members by word of mouth or from a referral of someone we know. Our practitioners are always attending a conference or seminar to learn about new treatments and developments in dermatology.  So, we do our best to stay in the know and up to date on any kind of advanced or changing treatment that patients in the office or in the community would benefit from. 

Asheton Bertrand
Shares Summer Skin-Care Tips

1.  Wear SPF.
That’s the main thing. Just protecting your skin from any type of sun damage or sunburn that could eventually lead to skin cancer. So, that would be our number one- spf! spf!

2.  Wear a hat.

Whether it be a baseball cap or a large rim hat, anything that’s going to give an added layer of protection for extended periods of sun exposure. 

3.  Protect the barrier of your skin.

We recommend using skin care products that are going to promote healthy skin. We highly recommend Epionce. Epionce has a wide range of products for all skin types, all needs and a great price point for patients. 

4.  Get familiar with your skin.

Be aware of any new or changing moles, spots, or freckles. Contact your dermatologist if you notice any changes.

  • Dr. Ronald Nelson

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