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Jack Gas: For Grill Propane Delivery, They Kick Gas!

Exploring Ways To Make Your Life A Bit Easier

For every suburban homeowner who does any grilling outdoors, we’ve all made the same mistake — you get everything ready for your big cookout: burgers, ribs, veggies, tools. You even have your “King of the Grill” apron on. And just as you go to fire up your grill, it becomes obvious that you’ve overlooked one basic thing. You’re out of propane!

After putting all of your supplies aside and getting everything back in the fridge, you throw the dirty tank in the backseat of your car and head out to exchange your tank for another “full” tank of propane.

You might be happy to hear that there’s an easier way to be prepared for this. And you won’t be ripped off, which is quite the bonus.

Easier is always good. But wait — what? Why would I be ripped off?

Well, when you exchange your propane tank, which can hold 20 lbs. of liquid propane, you are getting back a tank that’s only been filled with 15 lbs. of propane… it says it right on the label! That’s correct —when you exchange your tank, that “full” tank is only 3/4 full.

We found a local company called Jack Gas that will deliver a tank exchange to you. So, there’s no trudging about with a dirty, potentially dangerous propane tank in your clean car. And they'll deliver your tank with the full 20 pounds of propane, for the same price (and sometimes less) as the three-quarters full tank at your local exchange. They can even drop off your tank whether you are home or not. It ends up costing you less, with less hassle.

With Jack Gas, you can be thankful for your tankful. Call them at (973)745-0396 or visit

Just something we thought you should know about to help make your life a little easier.

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