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Steve Mallett and Michelle Lewis in their Dripping Studio

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Hyper-Local Podcasting with Mallett and Michelle

When Steve Mallett and Michelle Lewis decided to start a podcast two years ago to promote their real estate business, they had no idea what to expect.

Steve is always on the move. He’s an ultra-marathoner, charity race organizer, and is active everywhere around town. People know Steve. Thanks to Mallett and Michelle on Dripping Springs, people really know Steve. 

“I'm always surprised when someone stops me at H-E-B to talk about an inside joke from the show. We’ve found that the nastiness on social media can be overcome by listening to somebody,” he says. “It’s really powerful.” 

Michelle has been equally involved in the community, raising three children with her husband, Todd. “Parents and kids around town used to call me Mama Lewis,” she laughs. “Well, I suppose they still do.”

“We were so plugged into cheer, wrestling, and all the kids’ activities,” Michelle says. “When they grew up, I really wanted to stay relevant and get to know the community members on an intimate level.” 

The hosts start each episode with light-heart banter, followed by an interview with a Dripping Springs community member. Steve initially thought they would quickly run out of interesting people to talk with, but he's been pleasantly surprised. “There are so many cool people in this town,” he says. “Every episode, I sit back and say ‘no way, what an amazing story.’”

Another surprising thing happened along the way: people started to pay attention. 

“We never intended to be, but we’ve become accidental journalists,” says Steve. “There’s a responsibility with that and we try really hard to get the facts right.”

They’ve talked to local business owners, politicians, and school administrators. The mayor (a former guest) reached out to them to talk about the impact of February's winter storm. Guests are now booked months in advance, and the pair have talked to community members with influence extending far outside the city limits.

However, their favorite podcasts are the ones that tell the story of Dripping Springs. Their conversation with former high school football coach and historian Carl Waits serves as an oral history of a previous era.

“We are a storytelling podcast,” adds Michelle. “Everyone has a story and we’re trying to give people a chance to tell theirs."

  • Steve Mallett and Michelle Lewis in their Dripping Studio