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A Luxurious and Comfortable Setting With Experts That Will Make Your day Great

Article by Sue Baldani

Photography by Lucy Hawthorne

Originally published in Edina Lifestyle

Juut Salonspa is ready to make your day. The owner of the company, David Wagner, actually wrote a book called Life as a Daymaker. “What we're taught and trained to do is to really understand who is in our chair, how to serve them and make their day,” says hairstylist Woody Theis, who has been with Juut for 37 years. 

This company philosophy is reflected in the name itself. “Juut is a derivative of the Japanese word juuten, which translates to ‘uplift humanity and serve others,’” she says. Whether that’s accomplished by giving someone an awesome hairstyle, amazing color, or making their nails pretty, clients leave Juut with a sense of well-being and confidence. 

When people walk into the salon, which moved to its new location in Edina last September, they’ll first sense a true atmosphere of luxury and comfort. All of the materials are sustainable and natural, and the design really brings the outdoors in. The many windows also offer a lovely view of Centennial Lake.  

“It’s very luxurious, but we’re not pretentious,” says Woody. “We really do try to create an environment of comfort for our clients to make them feel at ease, taken care of and welcome. It’s just so inviting and beautiful.” 

The main floor is the spa, nail and retail area where clients can purchase a full line of Aveda products. High-performing natural products such as Ultraceuticals and Jane Iredale makeup are also on display. 

At the top of the grand stairway is the second level, which is the hair styling space. “The energy is completely different from the main floor,” she says. “Whereas the downstairs is really calming, the upstairs is vibrant and more of a party-like atmosphere.” 

Hairstyles, explains Woody, are ways to express ourselves and show off our personal style. She’s noticing a trend towards more polished and shiny hair, and clients are requesting cuts that are layered (think updated 70s shag) and fuller. One of the reasons all the hairstylists at Juut undergo continuous training classes is to stay up-to-date in the industry. 

One of the most requested services at the salon is hair color. Bryce Sampson-Bernstrom, one of Juut’s extensively trained color and hair extension specialists who is celebrating his 10-year anniversary with the company, loves how the trends change from season to season and year to year. 

“Most of the trending colors for the fall are a lot warmer,” he says. “It was this really cool, icy blond, but now everything's a lot more buttery blonde, cinnamon, and bright auburn. The exception is midnight black, which is big too.”

With his in-depth training and experience, Bryce can expertly recommend the best color for clients by closely observing their personal style. He makes recommendations based on a client's lifestyle, overall vibe, and desired maintenance. 

Another interesting trend is pink, due to the Barbie movie, as well as baby blue, especially in the warmer months. These colors are great for people who are artsy or just want to have some fun. 

Color extensions are also quite popular. “We have four different brands, so collectively about 180 colors,” says Bryce. “We have fusion keratin tips, tape-ins, hand-tied and clip-ins.” With all these choices, he can customize exactly what’s right for each client. 

While the salonspa has five locations in Minnesota, Juut can also be found in California and Arizona. All adhere to the day making philosophy of its owner. | BryceAtJuut on Instagram | TheisWoody on Instagram

7505 France Ave S. Edina 

 (952) 925-4343

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  • Woody Theis
  • Woody Theis
  • Woody Theis
  • Bryce Sampson-Bernstrom
  • Bryce Sampson-Bernstrom
  • Bryce Sampson-Bernstrom