Expressing Your Best Self, One Hairstyle at a Time

The hair and body salon with a gift of authentic transformation

It’s no secret that Las Vegas beats to its own drum. From extravagant enterprises to endless activities and unforgettable locals, style never lacks in the valley. The first thing that comes to mind with someone’s personal expression is how someone presents themselves — how they get ready for the day and what they find looks best on their body. 

Typically, the first attributes noticed are the face, hair, and skin. And locally owned and operated, Meraki Hair & Body knows exactly how to enhance and confidently hone the art of expression through those attributes. In fact, the name, Meraki, speaks for itself with its definition – “to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put a piece of yourself into your work.” And that’s exactly what Crystal Leisner, stylist and owner of Meraki Hair & Body, and the rest of her talented team, embody. 

“We are a team of individuals,” said Crystal. “All great and different on our own, but better together.”

From haircuts, coloring, treatments, and hair extensions, there’s nothing this creative salon can’t do. The client's vision they have for their hair and overall appearance is always the goal when approaching a project. What’s special about how the Meraki Hair & Body team conducts their work is that they are always working together. Whether it is to bounce ideas off one another, learn, or balance the energy in the shared workspace, everyone contributes to the experience the client has with their stylist.

Trends always come and go when it comes to beauty or fashion. Hair is no exception to this fleeting pattern. According to Crystal and the rest of the team at Meraki, many clients are choosing more natural colors and styles, including blondes going darker, an overall warmth coming back to hair, and more people embracing their gray hairs. A popular styling trend is adding some texture for easily maintained beach waves that flow into any look the client wears.

Meraki Hair & Body offers a “B.Y.O.B.” service, meaning, Bring Your Own Bottles and Brushes. This service teaches the client how to style their own hair at home with their own products they personally like to use. 

“Sometimes it’s as quick as a few tips and hands-on changes during your appointment, or it is its own appointment or group event with friends where you bring all of your own home styling products and tools for us to see and adjust anything necessary to make your life easier and your style better,” Crystal said.

Fear is a common obstacle when wanting to change something about one's appearance. Maybe the client thinks a certain style wouldn’t look good on them, or they haven’t felt like it was the right time to finally color their hair the way they want. Meraki Hair & Body knows the importance of feeling confident, and that usually starts from the inside, so they listen to how the client is feeling and what might be influencing why they have chosen a particular style. Asking for photos of inspiration is a good starting point for the stylists. Then they can ask the clients questions and determine if the look in the photos will work with their hair type and lifestyle. In order to help a client achieve their best new look, they strive to understand who it is they are styling.

“I think the most exciting and rewarding service is the one that leaves our clients feeling their best, both inside and out,” said Crystal. “Transformations and solving problems, big or small, always makes for a good day and builds a lasting relationship and trust with the client.”

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