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Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a builder for your dream home. In fact, the list is almost as large as the range of options for your tile backsplash. However, if you want a truly custom design with high-end details, that’s when you turn to Memmer Homes.

Memmer Homes is a premier custom home-builder that’s garnered a reputation of craftsmanship, collaboration and happy customers. With homes that are as beautiful to look at as they are comfortable to live in, each Memmer build is carefully designed and meticulously crafted.

While the finished homes are works of art, Memmer goes out of its way to ensure the process to complete each build is just as exceptional. It might explain why Memmer is still in business after 30 years, and why it remains busy.


The Memmer story begins more than 30 years ago with Ron Memmer, a former painter and remodeling expert who started the company to build custom homes in Stark County and surrounding areas. Ron’s two sons, Mark and Jeff, grew up in the business. Upon graduating from Ohio State, they started a construction company in Columbus.

Mark returned to Canton after he got married and resumed working with his Dad. After Ron retired in 2010, Mark took over as President of Memmer Homes and Jeff began managing the Columbus office. Since then, Mark led the business to focus on design and higher-end properties.

“Twenty years ago, homes were fairly basic and simple,” said Mark. “Our focus on design was a big breakthrough, and now, Jackson Township is the place to live for high-end custom homes.”

The evolution of the creative process – which once depended on heavy research in design magazines and hours of sketches and pitching – now equips Memmer clients to create an entire portfolio of ideas before even meeting to brainstorm their build. While it can be challenging to keep up with so many new products and materials, Mark says his client’s often bring the Memmer team a pretty solid idea of what they want from the start.

“When I first started, we had two window colors: white and tan. Now there are dozens including black, dark greens and more.” Mark explained. “You had to be a little more creative back then, but now people have invested a lot of time to create a picture in their mind and we partner with them to bring it to life.”

Partnership is just as important internally at Memmer. Mark worked diligently over the years to build a team of highly-skilled people around him who focus on the customer experience and keep each build on time and within budget. Most of his subcontracted laborers from the Mennonite and Amish communities stay with him because Memmer keeps busy year-round. Even more impressive is the fact that the second-generational company has employed three generations of frame carpenters from the same family. Talk about unrivaled partnering.

Mark insists that this cultivated craftsmanship – combined with design expertise – is exactly what’s led to the company’s success. 

“I tell my customers that a one-man band can’t build and create what they want,” said Mark. “When you look at the caliber and complexity of these homes, you need a team of people you trust in order to deliver.”


It’s easy to see beauty in a completed build, but the Memmer team finds serious pride in its processes along the way. And complex building projects require lots of them. Mark insists his team can deliver quickly because they not only follow processes, they also improve them each time.

“I’ve heard people who’ve built with other companies say ‘I like my house but I hated the process,’” shared Mark. “This is your life and your dream home. When you’ve put so much time and effort into it, you want a building team that’s going to do the same. That’s why we spend so much time perfecting our processes and taking care of the customer – it sets us up to deliver a great product at the end.”

The Memmer method obviously works because several homeowners have multiple builds under their belt. Whether your kids have left the nest, you’re just starting a family, or you want to create a remarkable estate for entertaining, Memmer can build a home that’s uniquely yours.

They start each new project with a consultation and tell you what to expect at every step of the build. Mark advises finding your perfect lot first so his team can design your home to fit the land. While it’s fun to start with the design, it’s not efficient if the lot won’t accommodate an elaborate plan.

“We don’t pick from a catalog of houses,” Mark emphasized. “We sit down with the customer to understand their style and needs, then we put together a design with a detailed proposal.”

Memmer has built between 2,500-sq-ft ranches and 10,000-sq-ft expansive homes. Production timelines vary by complexity, but Mark said the entire process usually takes between 10 and 12 months from design until move-in day. During that time, customers can follow their build projects through a cloud-based app that tracks updates and enables constant communication with the team.


Three years ago, Mark purchased an 80-acre farm in Jackson and developed it into 84 exclusive home sites. He set out to build a community that provides residents with the space they desire by creating a collaboration of classic architectural style and naturally beautiful landscape. Now called Berkshire Farms, the project is in its final of three phases with around 20 lots remaining.

Mark’s strategic (yet uncommon) approach to lot sizes gave him quality over quantity. He elected to enhance the size of each lot and max out at 84. Most developers would have opted for the 140-150 possible lots based on zoning regulations, but not Mark. Ranging from half-acres to more than two acres, most of the lots are pretty private and have nice views.

“It’s the difference between us as a builder developing the land and someone who’s trying to max out the land and the yield,” explained Mark. “We took a different approach because these are our customers and our friends, and we felt like it was a better way to go. We knew we would be successful with this approach.”

Successful might be an understatement. Berkshire Farms won Best Development of the Year for 2020 from the Building Industry Association (BIA) of Stark and East Central Ohio. It’s also keeping Memmer plenty busy as they always have several builds going on simultaneously within the community.

Eventually, it will be filled with custom-designed homes (from Memmer and other builders) in a variety of architectural styles. From modern Western reserve and Mediterranean to old world European, the styles will vary but the quality of construction and attention to architectural details will remain true.


There’s no shortage of happy homeowners here. In fact, Memmer is currently working on its fourth build for the same family. They built their first place when the kids were young; now those kids are grown and moved out so it’s time for something new. Two other families are in their third custom Memmer home. This kind of repetition speaks volumes about the organization and its leadership.

“If we didn’t take care of you the first time, you certainly wouldn’t be coming back again,” said Mark. “I actually tell prospective customers to walk down the street in Berkshire Farms and knock on any door for an on-the-spot testimonial.”

Speaking of testimonials, the Memmer website showcases unending praise straight from customers. Like this one: “The Memmer team made the house-building project a walk in the park. It was seamless and meticulously planned from the beginning to end. The team was very professional in dealing with each aspect of the building process. There were numerous times when your team went above and beyond to accommodate us. I would definitely recommend Memmer Homes to any of my friends and family who are considering building a home.”

Maintaining this level of feedback makes Memmer intentional about only taking on what it can handle at once – it refuses to sacrifice excellence for volume. In the future, Memmer will continue building at Berkshire Farms and sell the remaining lots to see that project through. Mark did say they are “always looking” for new development opportunities but added, “we won’t get too far ahead of ourselves.”


Memmer goes to Cleveland, Columbus and anywhere in between to build custom homes with high-end details (as long as the designers can execute the vision on the provided lot and within the budget).

Peek at our website, MemmerHomes.com, for inspiration galleries, then get in touch and see how the exceptional designers can turn your dream home into a reality. 

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