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Extended Bragging Rights

Jayne Baker is one proud mother - at home and at work

Jayne is the Vice President of Public Relations and Communications at the Capital City/Lake Murray Country Regional Tourism Office. She has been with the organization for 20 years. Enjoys telling visitors and people considering relocating why they should visit and fall in love with the Lake Murray Country region. One of her favorite tasks is hosting and showing off the area to travel writers. In most instances, the writers have never visited this part of South Carolina and she is the first person they meet. It matters what their impression is, and she carefully plans every aspect of their trip. Sometimes that outing lasts several days. Her Southern hospitality makes them feel right at home making it easy for them to fall in love with all that Lake Murray Country offers.

Speaking of home, she uses her communication skills there too. She is constantly reminding her three kids to work hard, use their personalities and be kind. These are her mottos for them. Her kids often make fun of her…saying that I talk to everyone. Well, we believe it has served her well. She does love to talk, is genuine and kind to everyone, and teaches her kids to do the same. We know they will thank her later.