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Brick Slate Custom Vinyl Black Trim After

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Refresh Your Home with Spray-Net’s Custom Chemistry Exterior Coatings

Article by Cassandra Green

Photography by Provided by Spray-Net

Originally published in Parker City Lifestyle

We like to talk about beauty from the inside out, but what about beauty when it comes to the outside of your home? The idea of painting the exterior of your home can be an intimidating thought. Whether your HOA is asking for an update, or you want a refreshed look, Spray-Net business owner, Matt Gibb and his team are here to help. They use a custom chemistry coating that works with a vast number of exterior textures and surfaces. 

Matt is confident with his 15-year, no-peel warranty. Whether you’re working with standard siding, stucco, aluminum, vinyl or brick, Spray-Net has quality coating that is long lasting and sustainable.

“I say coating because it’s not paint,” Matt clarifies. He explains that the kind of paint used for vinyl is completely different from the elastomeric texture used on stucco. He also brings up options for brick. “Please don’t paint your brick,” he insists. “Ours is a stain that absorbs into [the brick] to keep it looking natural, but more importantly it doesn’t allow water to build up behind it and start peeling and falling apart.” 

Matt enjoys educating his clients. He believes in quality products over anything. He says, “Take care of yourself. Ask these questions: What kind of warranty do they provide? What kind of coatings do they use when they paint? How long have they been around?”

Something trending right now is to accent your home by painting doors, windows and garage doors. “The transformation can be fun. People leave their house in the morning and come back to a brand-new look,” he shares. Matt also talks about the importance of building relationships and positively impacting people’s lives. He went into this industry because he likes to help people.

Matt challenges his team to do something extra at every job to make it a 5-star experience. “Change out a light bulb, bring in their trash cans... every job just do something,” he says. In this way, he is raising the bar in his industry, and it reflects in his 5-star reviews. Visit or call for a quote (720) 802-9707.

  • Stucco Pebble Dark Drift Before
  • Stucco Pebble Dark Drift After
  • Brick Slate Before
  • Brick Slate After
  • Brick Slate Custom Vinyl Black Trim Before
  • Brick Slate Custom Vinyl Black Trim After

“The transformation can be fun. People leave their house in the morning and come back to a brand-new look."