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Tempe Eyecare Associates is the Perfect Place for Eye Health

“I was drawn to optometry because I wanted to study a refractive error. The optometric profession seemed the best choice to combine my interests, my personal condition, and my pursuit for a work/life balance,” says Dr. John N. Chisagis.

The Ohio native moved to Arizona when he was in high school, later graduating from Arizona State University and then pursuing his optometry degree at Pacific University College of Optometry. He later returned to Tempe and was living here for several years when an opportunity presented itself.

“An opportunity arose for me to purchase an existing practice in the heart of Tempe,” he says. “I jumped at the chance. I was able to practice my profession on my own terms.”

That was 25 years ago, and since then, Tempe Eyecare Associates has become part of the fabric of Tempe, offering the appeal of a small-town clinic with long-term familiar staff faces; top-notch medical equipment; and a service-oriented, caring mindset.

The practice offers comprehensive eye exams, glasses and contact lenses, medical eye care and treatment of eye care conditions, and co-management of surgical conditions of the eyes. Some conditions treated include cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye disease, diabetic retinopathy, keratoconus, and macular degeneration.

A Growing Practice

In the years since its launch, Tempe Eyecare Associates has grown to also include Dr. Blaine Watkins, who grew up in Canada and then attended the Illinois College of Optometry, and Dr. George Paul, who grew up in New York and then completed his doctorate of optometry at the InterAmerican University in Puerto Rico.

All three doctors are dedicated to providing the best care possible and strive to go above and beyond to ensure patient satisfaction and make exams easy and comfortable.

“Eye exams should never be scary, and it’s important to me that our patients feel comfortable coming to our clinic,” says Dr. Paul. “When you schedule an eye exam, you get to see friendly doctors, we have you go through a few pre-tests, and then we have you read out a few lines to us. As soon as you know it, you’re all done!

“Just like general healthcare, it’s important to know what’s going on with your eyes,” he continues. “Are you missing out on anything, whether it be your distance or reading? Can your vision do more for you than it currently does? In the end, we hope you always leave our clinic seeing the world through a clearer lens.”

The Window to Your Health

“Changes to your vision can, and often do, occur very slowly over time,” says Dr. Watkins. “It can be difficult for some to recognize the deterioration of best-corrected vision without being shown what a return to normal vision would look like. Certain areas of the eye are very sensitive to pain, while other areas of the eye are not. The need for eye care is obvious when you have an abrasion on the cornea because it’s very painful, but a large hemorrhage in the retina could often go amiss because it often isn’t painful. Routine care can lead to early detection and treatment of both ocular and systemic conditions.”

In fact, beyond just vision changes, the eyes can show a variety of system illnesses, from diabetes to hypertension, various STDs, as well as several autoimmune conditions.

The ‘Sight’ of Fashion

Beyond exams and eye care, Tempe Eyecare Associates also offers a wide selection of eyeglass frames (both regular and sunglass) to fit various styles, face shapes, and budgets. They also offer Neurolens Eyeglasses, an innovative solution for reducing eye strain, headaches, and fatigue caused by digital device usage.

The Practice

“I appreciate the community for the faith they’ve had in our practice for 37 years!” says Dr. Chisagis. “And after 41 years in practice, I still love what I do. And Dr. Wakins and Dr. Paul are dedicated practitioners that are well-educated and have the ability to continue the standard of care our patients have come to expect.”


“Just like general healthcare, it’s important to know what’s going on with your eyes.”

“Eye exams should never be scary."

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