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Eyes are a Window to Health

Cypress Optique’s Dr. Celesta Fuses Compassionate Care with Stylish Eyewear

Article by Erica Hernandez

Photography by Shannon Valentine

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

It was an uncle’s illness that inspired Dr. Celesta Ferreira to make eye health her life’s work. Years ago, her uncle was an active, hard-working man, until he had a stroke and went partially blind. Soon after he developed multiple sclerosis and needed constant care. Dr. Celesta, who was studying medicine at the time, found out that with a simple eye exam, optometrists could have predicted her uncle’s stroke risk and potential for disease. When she learned this, she decided to do everything she could to help others improve their eye health and avoid a lifetime of disease. 

“The health of the eye controls so much more than just vision,” Dr. Celesta says. “It’s the key factor in preventing other diseases.” 

Dr. Celesta is now the owner and optometrist of Cypress Optique in Bridgeland, where she shares her passion for eye health with patients. She is enthusiastic, detailed and approaches patient care with kindness and expertise. Her office houses some of the latest medical imaging systems allowing Dr. Celesta to show her patients microscopic happenings in the back of the eye. Using retinal imaging, she can see things like swelling or color changes that could indicate diabetes, neurological or genetic disease. She can also see things like oxygen loss or cholesterol build up. Once she even predicted a woman was about to have a stroke. Using a high-end camera, she creates vibrant visuals of both the surface and back of the eye. She also documents her microscopic exam with video. The visuals help her patients to visually see the full picture of what’s really happening inside their eyes. 

“I want them to feel engaged with the exam,” Dr. Celesta says. “I want them to feel like it’s not just me rattling off a bunch of numbers and telling them what’s wrong. They want to understand and not just get a bunch of doctor jargon that nobody understands.” 

Dr. Celesta also fuses her passion for quality eye health with her love for stylish eyewear. Cypress Optique carries a unique selection of hand-crafted, trendy glasses which Dr. Celesta picked herself. The frames are made in America, eco-friendly and include both simple and funky styles. 

Dr. Celesta comes from a family of entrepreneurs and hopes to pass on her dedication to hard work and business onto her two boys, two-year-old Gabe and seven-month-old Danny. She envisions to eventually have them as regular visitors at Cypress Optique, adding to the family-focused atmosphere of her practice.

“I love building a bond with my patients,” she says. “It’s literally more than just your eye exam. We’re here for you. We want our patients to be excited to come see us. That’s truly the ultimate sign of success for me.” 10920 Fry Road Suite 550 281-942-8520