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DIY Your Old T-Shirts into Home Decor


Article by Maggie Chidester

Photography by Maggie Chidester

With spring upon us, I knew I wanted to do some spring cleaning. Specifically, I knew I needed to clean out my closet. I have a lot of t-shirts, primarily band t-shirts that I've collected over the years. My closet is completely overrun with t-shirts, but I couldn't find it in my heart to get rid of any. Many no longer even fit, but the emotional connection I feel to them is too strong to ditch or donate. I had to get creative.

After working at a brewery and noticing that we framed some of merchandise in frames to showcase ones we had for sale, I said to myself "Why can't I do that with my favorite old t-shirts and use them as decor on some of my bare apartment walls?"

All you need are some chic frames from Goodwill, some tape, and a beer to get you through it. Pick t-shirts that are on the thinner side or ones that you don't mind cutting the ends off of to squeeze into the frames.

Grab your first frame, crack a beverage, and pick your first t-shirt. I went with a t-shirt that is a size too small for me to currently wear but I bought back when I lived in my home state of Minnesota. Remove the back of the frame and pull out the glass pane.

You are going to slide the t-shirt over the glass pane until it is centered or placed in the frame where you'd like it.

Flip the glass pane over and into the frame, the graphic centered in the frame and all wrinkles smoothed out. Wrap the excess part of the t-shirt inside the corners of the frame. Tape it down to hold the fabric in place and secure the back of the frame. 

Flip the frame over, ogle at your creative work, and hang it up on the wall you desire. It's incredibly simple and gives you a fun, unique way to display t-shirts that are important to you and gives you a little bit more room in your closet.