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3 Fun Outdoor Games for Kids


Article by Kate Baxendale

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

Playing outside is an essential part of being a kid, but playing the same games like hide and seek and tag can get boring. Switch things up with other classic games that require little more than sidewalk chalk, jump ropes and a playground ball. These activities will keep the kids entertained all afternoon!

Four Square

Draw a large square with chalk and divide the square into four smaller squares. Number the squares 1-4. The game consists of a playground ball and at least four players. The object is to eliminate players in higher squares in order to advance to the "king" 4th square. Read the official rules on

Jump Rope Games

Jump rope is a fun way to get some cardio exercise. Very Well Family's article Jump Rope Games and Activities for Kids lists several variations of games, such as rhymes, snake and helicopter.


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Hopscotch is an old-school playground game with lots of variations. explains the rules in the article How to Play Hopscotch—Learn the Basic Rules For Kid-Friendly Fun.