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Dear Hair Loss


Article by Kimberly Vaughn

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Anyone can experience hair thinning. Left on our own, we often don’t know WHY hair loss starts. Twenty-year hair loss specialist Kimberly Vaughn is ready to answer your personal questions in an important Brentwood Lifestyle advice column called DEAR HAIR LOSS. Kimberly's managing director of HPIHair Partners in Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin and a compassionate hair coach certified as a World Trichologist Society trained professional. She specializes in hair preservation, hair restoration and hair replacement. Email all your questions to

June 15th, 2021

Dear Hair Loss: My name is Karen. I am a 27-year-old woman who is in great health (at least I think). Workouts are on my schedule 3-4 days a week, I am a vegan and work hard on getting enough protein in my diet, drink plenty of water and still my hair is falling out. What is going on? 

Dear Karen: From your description above the first 3 thoughts that come to mind are; 1) Has something major happened in your life within the past 9 months? Covid, break up, etc…. 2) When was the last time you had a physical with a wholistic blood work up? This means, all hormones, thyroid tests, vitamins, and minerals. 3) Do you have a genetic predisposition? Parents, grandparents, aunts have thinning hair.

Hair loss is a complicated topic with varying roads to travel in the quest for answers. The first step, and many times the hardest is determining the cause/s. As with any health concern, we need to understand the cause/effect scenario to determine treatment options. Start looking for your answers with factual evidence and get your blood work.

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