Storms Season Is Upon Us


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Article by Nicolas Perez

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Many kinds of storms beat down on your roof throughout the course of the year, and you depend on it to protect your home’s interior from strong weather. From mild to severe, storm damage can eventually bring devastating consequences to your house, not to mention your wallet! If not caught early you could wind up needing a full roof replacement!

It’s often difficult to see the top of your house to check for damaged parts, so it’s important to be aware of the types of storms that your roof encounters:


1. Wind Storms - Strong winds can blow shingles off or cause them to become lifted or curled, exposing the roof underlayment to the elements. Often this type of damage is visible from the ground.

2. Hail Storms - Chunks of ice - large or small - can dent, pockmark, or completely knock off granules from the shingles. Sometimes you can spot these in the downspouts, but otherwise, this damage is hard to see from ground level.

3. Rain Storms - Heavy rainstorms can knock granules off of shingles and rain can seep into cracks to soak your roofing structure, potentially leading to structural damage, wood rot, and mold growth in your attic.

★ All Storms - Loose shingle granules from any storm can build up in gutters, along with leaves and other debris causing water to back up. This standing water can soak through underlayment and trickle into the attic to cause drywall damage.

The best way to head off expensive damage is an annual roof inspection. Contact us today to set up yours and don’t put it off until small issues turn into large ones! Our trained professionals will identify any suspect issues or signs of issues to come. We can perform any repairs or replacements to keep your roof in tip-top shape all year long.

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