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Michele Klug is the founder and CEO of Klug Realty Group, a real estate firm based in Basking Ridge, Somerset County, NJ. Klug, a Bridgewater resident, has been in the real estate business for over 20 years, during which she has become one of the most respected professionals in the industry. She has built a reputation for her exceptional customer service and extensive knowledge of the local market.

Klug is a proud mother of two wonderful daughters, one of whom lives in the UK and the other in CT who works for a recovery center. She also has a beautiful stepdaughter in the insurance business and a stepson in the trucking business who both live in PA. Michele's fiancé of over 24 years works from home as a commodities trader and loves racing cars and playing golf.

Klug started her real estate career as a single mom when her children were young. She wanted a career that would allow her to make her own hours and allow her to spend quality time with her children. Real estate was the perfect fit. Once she started working with clients to buy and sell homes, she was addicted! Her passion for real estate and helping people find their dream home is what keeps her going every day.

For anyone thinking of starting in Real Estate, Klug's advice is to build a database of everyone you know and continue to add to it with every person they meet. She advises sharing important real estate content with this database and educating them on every facet of real estate. A core tenet of her beliefs is that the job of a realtor goes much deeper than showing homes and that clients need to know how over 30 different people and businesses are impacted in one real estate transaction.

A typical day starts by checking emails and texts that may have come in from the night before. She checks the hot sheets to see if any new homes came on the market. She time-blocks for making calls to her database, follows up on home inspection items or attorney letters, and shows homes or goes on listing appointments.

Klug Realty Group sets itself apart from others in the industry by working as a team to drive the best results. They have specialists in every aspect of real estate transactions, so the client is set for the best experience. They operate with a single point of contact, and behind the scenes, collaborate with seven other educated and trained specialists who make sure all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. Klug emphasizes that above all they are not only in the real estate business, but they are also in the customer care business. They have a personal concierge list that is shared with their clients forever. Their goal is to provide a seamless and quality experience for their customers so that they will be their realtor for life!

One of her favorite parts of being an entrepreneur is that there are no limits and best of all no one to say no! She loves and welcomes ideas and ways to improve their systems, client experiences, and state-of-the-art technology to elevate their real estate firm. Every day in real estate is different, so changing environments keep them on their toes, and that's the best part!

As an entrepreneur, Klug has grown by making a difference in other people's lives, particularly those with whom she works and those she serves. Empowering other single moms and women with dreams of owning their own company or following their passions is something she loves to encourage. Klug is never bored and has made such amazing friendships along her journey that she would not have if she didn't take the leap of faith of becoming an entrepreneur.

In addition to her passion for real estate, Michele Klug is deeply committed to her community and the people within it. She believes that life is short, and it's important to make an impact while we can. If she weren't working full-time, volunteering would take up most of her time.

If you're looking for a real estate professional who values you and your needs, Michele Klug and the Klug Realty Group team are the ones to call.

For more information visit micheleklug.com.

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