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A Weekend Getaway in Ozark, MO


Article by Mindy Hargesheimer

Photography by Mindy Hargesheimer

Have we as a collective human race ever felt more inclined to get away from it all than in the last few years?! Welcome to your literal escape from your everyday Kansas and Missouri life with GETAWAY tiny cabins that were designed with spending more time in nature in mind! 

Getaway House is a tiny cabin vacation rental option a short road trip away from Kansas City in Osceola, MO and is adjacent to several unique, local experiential opportunities in the Ozark Mountain region.

With a presence in over 25 metros coast to coast, @getawayhouse has designated outposts just under two hours from each with a vacation model that is simply irresistible. These 2-4 person tiny cabins are modern in design and paired with a full bathroom and kitchen, 1 or 2 queen size beds, heat, and air conditioning, are pet and family-friendly, and have a fire pit for all of your cozy and cooking needs. 

Leave the noise, your work, and the world's bad news behind by disconnecting from your laptop and and dropping that phone in the provided Cellphone Lockbox. Then, reconnect with yourself, your innate happiness, inner child, and nature as you relearn to slooooow down and absorb the peaceful and joyful nature of this life.

For our regional Ozark Getaway Outposts, there are a handful of charming and experiential destinations nearby that one must check out. Cheese shop? Check. BBQ Restaurant? Check. Nature Hikes? And, one of the most amazing additions to your Getaway trip is adding a nearby jaunt to the beautiful Finley Farms just 90 minutes away.

*For additional photos on these destinations, visit @kansascitybucketlist on Instagram.

Getaway Tiny Cabin x Planters Whiskey by Nobletons Distilling House

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—-> Day 1:

Sugarfoot BBQ: Lunch & Dinner | We are proud to offer you the best experience in BBQ in the area. Choose from our 7 in-house dry-rubbed, hickory smoked meats along with our crowd favorites - Sugarfoot tators, smoked beans, and hand-cut fries, or spice it up with our signature horseradish coleslaw. Top off your favorite BBQ meal with Mom's Homemade Pies, apple and blackberry, baked fresh daily, soft serve ice cream cone, cupcakes, or milkshakes. @sugarfootbbq Pro Tip: Try the chili and local craft beer on tap.

Osceola Cheese: Cheese and Specialty Gift Shop | Osceola Cheese was established in 1944. We love to see you when you stop by our store and load up for your trip away from home and on your way back. We have been shipping cheese, beef jerky, various meat selections, and specialty sauces and mixes to the entire United States since then. @osceolacheeseco Pro Tip: Shop their locally distilled spirits for campfire libations and clever gifts.

Iconium General Store: Grocery & Snack Shop | From groceries to fuel, we have it all. The Iconium General Store has a long and rich history going back over 100 years, 5 generations, and at least 3 families. We have a full-service snack shop with delicious food and excellent ice cream treats. Home of the Legendary Peach Nehi Float. @icostore Pro Tip: Try the Famous Peach Nehi Float and order pizza and chicken sandwiches for carry-out.

Cedar Bluff Trail: This 2.1-mile, dog-friendly loop trail through Pomme de Terre State Park, follows the rocky bluffs around the lake, and passes through beautiful spots with oak, maple, and hickory trees.

Getaway House: Tiny Cabin Outpost Rentals | Our Outposts are designed to be more than a destination, but a way to create distance from the relentless demands of work, schedules, and technology. We want our guests to experience unscheduled, unstructured, and uninterrupted free time — not just for rest and rejuvenation, but to foster inspiration, creativity, and connection. @getawayhouse

Sugarfoot BBQ:

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Osceola Cheese:

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Iconium General Store:

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Getaway House:

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—-> Day 2:

Four Fillies Mercantile and Coffee Co: Coffee and Specialty Gift Shop | Gourmet coffee and specialty gift shop with a variety of local goods and gifts!

Finley Farms: Restored Farm | Located on the banks of the Finley River, Finley Farms is restoring and reimagining the historic Ozark Mill property to create a sprawling gathering place featuring farm-forward restaurants, vibrant event venues, a riverside wedding chapel, and an urban farm. @finleyfarmsmo

The Ozark Mill Restaurant: Lunch & Dinner | This riverfront restaurant located on the first floor of The Ozark Mill offers lunch and dinner with views of the rolling Finley River waters every day of the week. As a nod to The Mill’s original purpose, the family-friendly menu highlights pasta as well as fire-baked grain mill pizzas adorned with novelty toppings. Seasonality is king, and many ingredients are sourced from the Finley Farms gardens. Pro Tip: Order the Signature Green Tomato Cake for dessert and grab a window seat.

The Workshop: Coffee Shop & DIY Classes | This coffee shop serves classic espresso drinks along with seasonal beverages and light fare. Doubling as a craft and event space, The Workshop offers more than just sustenance. For example, you can perfect your floral arranging technique or become your own bartender with a hands-on, educational cocktail workshop featuring herbs fresh from the farm.

The Garrison: Dinner | A fine dining social affair, The Garrison is tucked away beneath The Ozark Mill. This intimate space features upscale, shareable plates and craft cocktails. Situated right on the banks of the Finley River, the hideaway highlights the legacy of Ozark’s famed Riverside Inn and its original proprietor, Howard Garrison. Its cozy patio space, lit by the glow of fire pits, offers unmatched views of the river, mill dam and the historic Riverside Bridge.

Four Fillies Mercantile and Coffee Co:

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Finley Farms:

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The Ozark Mill Restaurant:

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The Workshop:

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The Garrison:

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And that's a wrap! The Ozark Highlands is another hidden gem to scratch your regional road trip itch!

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