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Fall Car Care Tips


Article by Middle TN Auto Sales & Services

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As the cold months move in, our cars, often times, take a beating and a punishment while they take care of us on the roadway. Just as we need to take precautions in our homes during the fall and winter, our cars need some TLC as well to protect and care for them too during the cold months.

Fall Car Care: Four Tips for Smooth Rides

1. Tire TLC

Falling temperatures mean dropping tire pressure. Grab a gauge, check, and inflate your tires to the recommended levels. Ensure proper tread depth for improved traction, especially on wet or leaf-strewn roads. Consider transitioning to winter tires for enhanced performance in colder conditions.

2. Illuminate and Brake Right

  With shorter days, lights and brakes take center stage. Regularly inspect headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. Promptly replace any burnt-out bulbs. For safety on wet roads, have your brake pads and discs inspected. A well-maintained lighting and braking system is crucial for fall driving.

3. Fluid Check-Up

  Assess and replenish essential fluids like engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and coolant. As temperatures drop, consider using thicker oil for proper lubrication. Swap out your regular windshield washer fluid for a cold-weather formula to prevent freezing on chilly mornings.

4. Battery Health

  Fall can be tough on car batteries. Check the battery terminals for corrosion, and ensure the connections are tight. If your battery is more than three years old, consider having it tested or replaced to avoid unexpected breakdowns as temperatures continue to decrease.

Proactive fall car care ensures not only a smoother ride but also safeguards your vehicle against potential winter woes. Take these simple steps, and enjoy the beauty of cold weather drives with confidence in your well-maintained vehicle for peace of mind and constant safety.

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