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What Temperature Should I Set My Heater?


Article by Jason Fraser

Photography by Laurie Fraser

If you ask one friend what temperature they typically set their heater to each winter, they may say their thermostat never goes below a cozy 72 degrees. Ask someone else, and they may say 67 degrees. Ask a third or fourth person, and their answers might be somewhere in between. So who’s right? Well, if you’re only interested in comfort, go with the 72 degrees. If you want comfort mixed with a little energy consciousness, we’ve got the answer for you in today’s blog post.


The bottom line is that we can’t blame our friends and neighbors in Argyle, TX, for wanting to stay toasty warm this spring and winter. But you also don’t want to waste a ton of energy and money by keeping your thermostat jacked up around 72 or higher.


What Does Energy.Gov Have To Say on the Matter?


The lower the temperature is inside your home during the winter, the slower the rate of thermal energy loss. So the longer your house remains at the lower temperature, the more energy you save because your house has lost less energy than it would have at the higher temperature. You’ll also put less stress on your heater and be forced to make fewer Google searches for “heater repair near me.” According to, that means setting the heater’s thermostat to around 68-70 degrees while you’re awake and in the house. You would then lower the temperature even further while you’re asleep or away from the house.


Although thermostats can be adjusted manually, programmable thermostats help return temperatures to normal before you wake or return home. A programmable thermostat can store and repeat multiple daily settings and still be flexible enough to handle manual overrides without losing everything you have stored.


Consumer Reports came out with its top list of 2023 programmable thermostats here.


Additional Tips To Maintain a Cozy Home During the Winter


Once you’ve got your thermostat set and your heater is doing its thing and keeping you warm, there are additional steps you can take right now to ensure no wasted energy and a comfortable home.


1.   Check and replace your heater filters.

2.   Cover and repair all windows to avoid heat loss.

3.   Reverse the blade direction on your ceiling fans to keep warm air circulating.

4.   Ensure your appliances are energy-efficient.


And don’t forget preventative maintenance. The temperatures are finally getting cooler outside, but they’re not to the point yet where we need to be worried about ice storms, etc. So take the time now to have an experienced heater repair man service your system and ensure everything is working. A preventative maintenance agreement with A&A Air allows us to pinpoint and correct developing problems at the earliest, least expensive time, before equipment fails.


Over the life of your equipment, you will experience lower total operating and maintenance costs with fewer disruptions.


Call A&A Air Today!


At A&A Air, we take your family’s comfort seriously — especially during the winter. We know our job inside and out and respond promptly. All you need to do is give us a call today! We proudly serve Argyle, TX, and surrounding areas. 


You can email us at or call 972-951-1320.

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