Gorditas de Chicharrón


Article by Laura Quijano

Photography by Laura Quijano

I have been living in Arizona for a bit over 4 months now and I have to say that I love it, the scenery is amazing, from sunrise to sunset there is nothing to regret. Besides I’ve never seen such majestic sunsets with so many colors.

I consider myself to be a bit of a cook, and a good one at fact. So for all you out there reading this, I'll give you a really nice recipe, of something that is cheap, simple and yummy yummy.

Gorditas de Chicharrón - Pigskin Gorditas

First you need the ingredients:

  1. A big bag of crunchy chicharrón/ pig skin chips (you can get these at any grocery or convenient store.
  2. 1 big bottle of HERDEZ green sauce, not the guacamole kind. This one you can easily make: Buy 6 green tomatoes, 1 big onion, 1 big garlic, cilantro, a couple cubes of knor suiza chicken broth, 2 large seedless juicy limes and jalapeño peppers as you please, in case you want it to be a little spicy. Oh and 1 table spoon of olive oil. Put all of that in the blender and make it as watery as possible.
  3. You set half a bag of chicharrones in a large pot and pour the sauce you just made or bought on them, till they are completely covered.
  4. after it starts to boil you can add the rest of the bag and turn the heat off, while letting them simmer with a lid on the pot.

That will be your filling.

Meanwhile get a semi-deep pan with corn oil heating up on the side, just to make sure its boiling hot by the time the preparation is done.

You need to buy corn flour. In a big bowl, where you will mix the flour with cold, chilling water, and mix it up till you make a dough. You can add a tea spoon of salt and pepper to it, as well as some oregano or whatever spice you like best.

Now that you have a bowl of chicharrón and one of dough, you are going to grab a fist full of dough and make a ball, once its all smooth, poke it and make it into a small pocket, that you’ll then fill up with chicharron.

Now pinch it closed and drop it into the boiling oil. You’ll need some tons, to flip it over, this will only take a few seconds on each side.

And now it's ready to eat!

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