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Every Birthing Person Should See A PPT


Article by Dr. Megan Beach-Gomes

Photography by Mark Hill Photo

When is the best time to start Pelvic PT? The preferred timing is not after, but during your pregnancy! Many people hear about pelvic floor physical therapy for recovery postpartum but, there are more benefits from starting before birth!

During pregnancy your core is constantly working to help keep your ever changing body supported. Ligaments throughout your body become more relaxed and muscles stretch which can lead to a plethora of uncomfortable (but fixable) symptoms.

While experiencing symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction is common throughout pregnancy, it does not have to be your new normal! Whether it is incontinence, urgency, pelvic pressure, low back pain, pubic symphysis pain or constipation, pelvic PTs are uniquely equipped to guide you to a resolution.

We can assist you in several ways: training abdominal, hip and pelvic coordination, instruction is stabilization and strengthening of your pelvic region, education for labor and delivery preparation (including; breath work, pain management, pushing positions that are optimal for the pelvic, and perineal trauma risk reduction) and preparing your body for your 4th trimester!

To learn more about how we can help throughout your pregnancy journey, check out our Pelvic PT and Pregnancy Page here! Our team is ready to help YOU!

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