Hair and Makeup at Unicorn Coven


Article by Britney Newman

Photography by Britney Newman

I met Stasha at a Raw artist showcase event. I was so intrigued by the vivid and richness of the colors she used. Make your appointment at least two weeks prior due to how quickly she is is booked. 

A word from Stasha Murphy:

I named my salon Unicorn Coven for my love of unicorns and the ability to transform clients hair into magic. I am spiritual with the earth around me and keep a collection of crystals and sage in my salon. Over time clients would joke around and call it my 'coven.'

I have been a licensed professional for 11 years. With the bright colors I do, a lot of it comes down to the client's hair. Their porosity, health, and color of hair will usually determine what we can achieve. The key to bright colors is quality of product and getting the hair safely as light as I can. I like to think of the hair as a canvas and the color is my marker. The lighter the canvas, the brighter the market will show up. The color lifetime will depend on the client's hair and the aftercare. The color is not permanent; with proper washing instructions and aftercare, most clients see at least 5-7 weeks of vibrancy.

I do not have any other salons in San Antonio. My little salon suite is my home sweet home. I am beyond humbled and honored that you think I am the best. I will say that I am very proud of my work and love everything I do, but I also am fortunate to know many other hair stylists in San Antonio who do amazing work and always blow me away with their talents. One thing about being a stylist is that you always learn something new in the industry and there is always room to grow.

I purchased a blonde wig and asked Stasha to put neon colors on the right and die the rest brown. It came out really good, so if you're interested in custom wig coloring, this can be done also.

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