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Plan a Virtual Tiki Party


Article by Kate Baxendale

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

Have your video calls with friends gotten a little blah? Then it's tiki time! That's right; set the date for a virtual tiki party with your friends—Hawaiian shirts, tiki cocktails and festive decor included. Here's everything you need to host a fabulous tiki-themed virtual party.

3 Cocktail Recipes with Vacation Vibes

If being stuck at home is giving you the blues, then fun and fruity cocktails are a must! Try your hand at these classic tiki cocktail recipes, which are made with rum and tropical fruit juices. Serve them up in festive glassware—and don't forget the garnish! Cheers!

What to Wear

If you're going to commit to a real tiki party, you must dress the part! Here are a few outfit ideas to inspire you.

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If you're feeling creative, why not try making some of the decor yourself? Here are some fun tiki-related crafts to make the party more festive.

Cupcake Liner Lei

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Tropical Leaf Garland

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Tin Can Tiki Lamps

Party Playlist

Last but not least, you need music to get the party going! Groove to this playlist from Spotify.