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Shatto Milk Delivers Local Love

KC’s favorite milkman partners with nearly 80 local brands 

Article by Chelsey Modde

Photography by Chelsey Modde

If you’re in the Kansas City metro, you already know Shatto Milk Company has you covered with your classic Christmas Eve treats for the season’s headliner, Santa. 

But did you know that good ol’ St. Nick isn’t the only one making home deliveries this year? 

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The small family-owned dairy, sitting just north of the metro area, is no stranger to home delivery service, offering it year round as part of their Shatto Home Delivery program. This year, however, they’re also offering gift options from nearly 80 local businesses. 

And they’ll bring them right to you. 

It’s a push to add a little ease to a season that’s always historically hectic - even when everything isn’t amplified by Covid-19 - while simultaneously supporting other Kansas City-area brands.

"When we make purchases we in a sense share what is important to us,” said Matt Shatto. “That unique purchase, that fresh and tasty product, etc. But when we make a point to support a local business, maker or artisan, we are not only getting things that are top of category and unique, but we are telling our friends and family that we value our community, our neighbors, our friends and those also put our community first. Now is one of the most important times in my life to share and support the work of local businesses. We need each other, and together we can get through most anything.”
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The partnerships mean you can shop local without leaving your home. Some of the available goodies include: 

  • Madagascar Vanilla from Sava Trading Company – they recently partnered with J. Rieger & Co. to bring a Special Edition Barrel-Aged Madagascar Vanilla Extract
  • Candles from The Corner Candle Shop 
  • Mugs from Farmdog Studios
  • Desserts from Andre’s Chocolates
  • Christopher Elbow Chocolates
  • Local prints from Art for Architecture
  • Carly Rae Ornaments

 Another way to support local suppliers? Ordering holiday meals through Shatto Home Delivery. You can pick from a wide selection of festive favorites including local ham and roasts, vegetables, fresh cranberries and homemade pies. Check out the full list here.  

Once again, KC companies are proving why our city is nationally known for being such a warm, welcoming, and in this case, delicious community. 

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