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Gilbert's Cool Treats to Beat the Summer Heat

Article by Krista Carpenter-Beasley

Photography by Krista Capenter - Beasley

Originally published in Gilbert City Lifestyle

https://www.eatlovetravelplay.comEvery year, the third Sunday of July is celebrated as National Ice Cream Day. This day encourages individuals to indulge in one of their favorite desserts and savor the deliciousness of ice cream and is a day to celebrate all the different varieties of ice cream. From classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla, to unique blends like Strawberry Balsamic and Ube, National Ice Cream Day is the perfect opportunity to beat the Arizona heat with a range of frosty treats in Gilbert.

One thing is for sure, Gilbert has a wide variety of scoop shops and treat slingers that will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.  While there are many options available, this only scratches the surface of what Gilbert has to offer.   Check out our full list at or scan the qr code below.

Peterson’s Ice Cream and Café

Summer nights in Downtown Gilbert draws crowds to the door of Peterson’s Ice Cream and Café’. With well over 50 classic and inventive flavors alike, the shop continues to stay true to owner Hans Peterson's recipe of 18% butterfat ice cream. Not in the mood for a cone? They’ll gladly make you a classic sundae, milkshake, and even a refreshing root beer float at this neighborhood “scoop shop,” just like they’ve been doing since 1919.

366 N Gilbert Rd

Scoopwells Dough Bar

Stepping into Scoopwells in Downtown Gilbert, you already know you are in a scoop shop of another kind. Focusing entirely on edible cookie dough, Scoopwells offers homemade recipes that are safe (and delicious) to eat and are perfect for those of us who ignore the warnings on the tub of Nestlé Toll House, bringing back the guilty pleasure from our childhoods. You can also indulge in custom made soft batch Ice Cream Sandies, which come in two sizes, mini and large. Perfect for parties and get-togethers!

325 N. Ash St. #101

212 Ice Cream Studio

For a fun and unique way to beat the heat this summer, head to 212, Gilbert's first Drill’d ice cream shop. Owner Tina Singh offers both premium dairy and organic vegan ice cream options, along with a variety of creative mix-ins and toppings for a personalized treat. Get drilling and create your own delicious and refreshing ice cream concoction. The limits are only your own imagination. And if you find yourself getting stuck, the 212 menu is filled with inspiration with their own creations that range from the straightforward S'mores to the wryly named Cereal Killer, and even a Go Gilbert.

3305 E Williams Field Rd.

Toasted Mallow

While not your traditional scoop shop, Toasted Mallow is more traditionally known for their homemade marshmallows, making these ooey gooey treats since 2014. But sweet shake seekers will want to check out the unique hand spun milkshake flavor combinations Toasted Mallow has created to beat the heat. The Circus Cookie shake, for example, is inspired by the classic pink and white cookie and is mixed in with vanilla ice cream, pink frosting, and their signature house made fluff, then topped with happy little sprinkles and a Circus Cookie. Nostalgia with a modern twist, these shakes are made for your next Instagram Reel.

1034 N. Gilbert Rd. #3

Krista Carpenter - Beasley

I'm a travel-loving foodie who is learning to embrace life as a 40-something empty-nester. On my website,  I'm jumping blindly into this journey of rediscovery, finding amazing things to cook, places to eat, throwing myself into random adventures, and celebrating local businesses.  I'm uncovering new adventures and experiences, all while sharing stories and recipes. Come join me on my journey of rediscovery and explore the world through my eyes.

instagram: @eatlovetravelplay

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