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Factor One

Taking Aero Bikes to the Next Level

When it comes to bicycles, Pedal Sports in Oakland has it all. Need a kid’s first two-wheeler, a mountain bike or a beach cruiser? See owner Rob Rybacki. And if your dream is customizing your own road racing bike, he can help with that too. He recommends Factor ONE, designed as a super fast and light road bike custom-designed and fitted for each individual rider.

“It comes at a premium price but it’s an awesome bike,” Rob says. “With Factor, you start by buying just the basics like the frame, the fork, the seat post, the handlebars and the headset. The rest, including wheels, the seat, pedals, we order individually according to what you want, then build your bike exactly the way you want it.”

Factor, manufacturer of carbon fiber road bikes which have won many of the world’s most famous road races, uses aerodynamic principles for speed and efficiency, delivering an exhilarating ride.

“Many new aero road bikes have been introduced in the past few years, and while they may be fast in the wind tunnel, they are not a pleasure to ride," says Factor owner Rob Gitelis. "With Factor ONE, we have focused not only on speed but comfort and bike fit as well.”

Who buys them?

“While we sell these bikes primarily to cycling team members or racers, we also see regular bike enthusiasts buying them who only want the best,” Rob says.

The Specs:

Brand: Factor

Model: ONE

Price: $8,000 to $12,000

Pedal Sports

20 D. Elm St., Oakland