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Fairway Fashion

Step up Your Style Game on the Green!

From the fairway to the runway, golf instructor Donna Taylor and her students have golf fashion down to a tee. Taylor owns Golf Party Live, a business dedicated not only to teaching women how to golf but also to making golf fun and approachable. From clinics to parties and retreats, Taylor is helping pave the way for more women in the sport one swing and outfit at a time.

Taylor has been golfing since she was 7-years-old and she played on both high school and college teams. She began teaching juniors golf while she was in college and switched to teaching women after her Dad, former professional golfer and golf instructor Dan Lippstreu, started getting requests for lady instructors. Under his guidance, she received priceless experience in teaching beginner ladies. Taylor says she originally taught women golf to help her dad and make good money as a college student, but now she’s inspired to teach women because of the impact golf has had on her life.

“Golf has been one of the most influential things in my life,” Taylor says. “It taught me all the life lessons golf offers, introduced me to amazing people including my husband, created business opportunities and has given me incredible life experiences playing golf courses all around the world. I am very passionate about introducing the game of golf to women so they enjoy it as I have.”

Golf is more than a sport, it’s a social activity rich in traditions and a distinctive culture that’s historically been dominated by men. The boys’ club vibes have led to a lack of female instructors, limited outfit choices and rules that extend beyond the game, creating an intimidating environment for women. Times have changed and now, instructors like Taylor are breaking barriers and making golf more accessible and inclusive. Golf fashion has also changed and women are now able to wear fun outfits and express themselves more freely on the course. Taylor says golf fashion has come a long way since she started playing.

“Traditionally, golf clothes for women were boring, baggy and not cute,” Taylor says. “Now I am seeing a lot of options and a lot of activewear types of golf brands.”

Though some may find it trivial, golf fashion has always been an important part of the game. Dress codes at various golf courses can be confusing to newcomers, they’re often left uncertain about the appropriate attire. Taylor discusses dress codes with her students to ensure they’re wearing clothes that allow them to feel comfortable and confident so they can play and look their best no matter what kind of golf course they’re at.

“Golf clothing is so important in golf because if you feel good you are more likely to play good and if you are not playing well at least you look good,” Taylor says.

Taylor also says brands like Lululemon and Bad Birdie upping the golf fashion game for women is a testament to how much the sport has grown and the movement of women interested in golf. She’s an ambassador for Bad Birdie, a performance golf store located at Kierland Commons in Scottsdale and says she loves its colorful and printed tops. Her favorite golf skirts are from Lululemon and an online clothing store called The Bubble. These brands are her top recommendations to her students for stylish and functional golf apparel. However, she emphasizes that the market offers a wide variety of styles and brands to cater to every individual's preferences and needs.

“There is something for everybody,” Taylor says. “I like bright flashy colors with busy, fun prints but that's just me.”

While golf dress codes for women may have appeared restrictive in the past, the abundance of new options in golf clothing is exciting. This wide range of choices enables women to express and explore their personal style both on and off the course. Taylor is an excellent role model for women in golf, not only because of her talent and extensive skills but because of her vibrant and eye-catching golf outfits. By embracing her unique style, she encourages her students to feel at ease expressing their individuality on the course, demonstrating that golf doesn't always have to be serious, it can be a source of enjoyment and fun as well. Golf Party Live hosts clinics and parties at Dobson Ranch Golf Club in Mesa and Lone Tree Golf Club in Chandler. To view the schedule and sign up visit