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Fake a Trip to the English Countryside


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

Do you ever wish you could just hop over and experience the charming culture and preserved history in architecture that England has? I think England will always be one of my favorite countries to visit in Europe, and I love it so much that I came up with some ways to enjoy it right here from home. Try them out and enjoy your relaxing time in the fake English countryside!

How to Go on a Real English Picnic

I have to admit—sometimes my interpretation of a picnic is getting takeout and eating it outside on a blanket. Other times it's just snacking on some cheese and grapes. Picnic can be a loose term here in the states!

In the English countryside, however, a picnic is a whole event. You homemake everything and go all out. It's pretty much a feast but on the ground! If you've been dying to travel to England and want to create your own English picnic experience, check out these fantastic guides and recipes.

Cook a Sunday Roast + Experience England

I lived in London for four months in college, and while I loved the city so, so much, I regret not visiting a smaller town in the English countryside. There is so much beauty in England outside of the major cities, and there is a different culture and pace as well.

While we are all looking for creative ways to "travel" right now, I decided to try to figure out a way to turn my little apartment into an English cottage, just for a little while.

The first, obvious thing that popped in my head is doing a Sunday roast! This is a classic English tradition where the local pubs offer up a mouth-watering, home-cooked meal on Sundays featuring a type of meat (some places have a vegetarian option called a nut roast too!), cooked vegetables, potatoes, and Yorkshire pudding. It's one of those things you just have to taste in order to get how amazing it is.

Even though going to an English pub isn't available right now, all of the ingredients for these foods are, and you can make your own Sunday roast in your home too.

Visit Historic England Through Film

One of my favorite elements of traveling to Europe is the rich history in the architecture and art. In England, there are so many beautiful areas that feel like you are stepping back in time.

If you'd like to take a historical trip to the English countryside from home, try watching some of these great films and shows that will provide tons of entertainment and education at the same time.

Admire These Cute English Cottages

Do you ever just want to run away to an English cottage a la Cameron Diaz in The Holiday? If only we all had a British friend to swap lives with whenever we needed!

International travel is not available to us right now, but one day it will be again, and we can take the quiet English retreat of our dreams. Until then, I'm going to be imagining myself in one of these adorable cottages and use these photos as inspiration for the future.

English Wildflowers You Need to See

Ah, who doesn't love flowers? There is something so special about seeing wildflowers growing in their own element, just choosing to be there for themselves with no job or agenda. Wildflowers are also great for our environment and help keep bees alive!

If you wish you could travel to the English countryside and take in the beauty of the flowers all around you, here are some guides to different types of wildflowers with gorgeous photos that will help you feel like you're there.

Unique Pets in the English Countryside

I am a sucker for unique pets—I currently live alone and am raising two Guinea pigs and two rescued pigeons in my apartment! If you also get a kick out of seeing adorable animals that are maybe a little funny looking (like rabbits that are the size of dogs), you'd love exploring the English countryside and seeing all of the pets kept.

While a visit to England isn't available, here's the next best thing—obsessing over photos of animals online! Have fun and take a look at these adorable pets to travel virtually to England for a bit.

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