Fall Fashion

A local influencer shares 2023 Fall trends.

Howdy y’all. It's Alison Epperley here - western fashion influencer and content creator. You may have seen me on Instagram under the handle @alisonepperely. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share my thoughts and expertise on all things western fashion for this fall season. 

Get ready to embrace the spirit of the Wild West and saddle up because we are going to be talking about the four main fashion trends you will see this fall. This season brings a wide variety of changes in fashion trends, from monochromatic denim to vintage looks, so let's dive in.

First Trend: The Monochromatic Denim Look. 

One of the most timeless western looks is denim on denim. I truly believe that this is a trend that will never go out of style. Some seasons, it appears more often than others, and the current fall season is no exception.

A few things you should always remember when trying out this look are to contrast your shades. The more contrast - the better. Another tip is to layer your look. Adding a white tee with denim jeans and a denim jacket is a perfect way to enhance your look. If you don’t want to layer this look, simply pair a denim button-up with a pair of your favorite Wranglers.

Second trend: Fringe 

The fringe trend is one you can never forget. In the fall, it can be hard to wear an outfit that is fun because of the weather, but when you add fringe to a look, it completely changes the game. Fringe has the power to create movement and a sense of bohemian flair into any ensemble, making it the perfect statement piece for the season.

When you are pairing your outfit with a fringe jacket, consider adding a more structured piece to the look for the bottoms, such as a suede or leather skirt. The contrast between the fun look of the fringe and the simplicity of the skirt creates the perfect outfit for any event.

Third trend: Coastal Cowgirl in the Fall. 

Coastal Cowgirl not only made an appearance this year but completely created a permanent spot in western fashion. Stores have incorporated elements of this style into their collections and some of the main influencers in the community have loved this trend. This fall, I believe we are going to see the fall version of coastal cowgirl. 

This will look like lots of warmer tones being used but embracing the free and fun vibes that this trend brings. Pairing a cozy sweater with a maxi skirt, enhanced by your choice of a western belt, creates an on-trend outfit for the season.

Fourth and Final Trend: Western Vintage 

Vintage will never go out of style. In my opinion, it will be the biggest trend of the fall in 2023. From vintage layered tees to unique statement pieces, this style will be all over your Instagram feed.

This trend has a nostalgic appeal by celebrating the timeless beauty of Western vintage fashion. Embracing this look allows you to experience the thrill of fashion hunting for hidden gems at local western thrift stores. One of the best places to find your vintage items is stores like The Second Hand Sorrel. The best part about this look is that your entire outfit doesn’t have to be vintage; simply find a statement piece and build your outfit around it.

Some of my favorite stores in Fort Worth to shop at

  • Sassy Pantz 
  • The Twisted Gypsy
  • Double D Ranch 
  • Tucker Brown
  • Maverick Fine Western Wear
  • Pinkies

Fall western fashion trends are all about embracing the spirit of the Wild West while adding a modern twist. From monochromatic looks to vintage, there are plenty of ways to incorporate these trends into your fall wardrobe. So, let’s embrace our inner cowgirl and get ready to rock these looks all season long. 

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