Fall Fashion Audit

with Hannah Moon

Article by Carolyn Davidson

Photography by Ladd Forde

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

This fall, Hannah Moon of Styled by Hannah Moon, is encouraging you to try something new, and to embrace the trends emerging. One big trend she’s been pushing? Animal print.

“At all of my appointments this past month every woman has told me, 'Oh no, I don’t do animal print,' but when they trust and experiment a little, and let me show them, they love it.”

Moon, who is currently styling the bright and tailored looks you’ve seen on KUSA-Channel 9’s Daily Blast Live, didn’t have a linear path to fashion.

Growing up, she was inspired by her mother and grandmother’s “curated” wardrobe, but she resisted the stereotypes associated with going into fashion, and instead went into marketing.

A few years, and (of course) a fashion blog later, she found herself being pulled into the industry she initially thought she would avoid.

But a lifelong interest in fashion and a knack for mixing patterns and colors like it’s no big deal have brought her full circle.

When you scroll through Moon’s Instagram (@styledbyhannahmoon), it’s pretty clear that Moon was destined for a roll in fashion. In picture after picture, she sports bright colors, bold patterns and trends straight off the runway — and she makes it look easy.

To update your wardrobe for fall the Hannah Moon way, there are a few rules.

Don’t be afraid of color or patterns.

“Animal print to me has always been a staple, but for most people, it has been an accessory,” Moon explains. “But all of a sudden in 2018 we're seeing animal print come back as the main piece of your outfit.”

Test your trends.

“When I want to try a new trend out I go to PoshMark, it’s the best place to go if there’s something that you really want, but you don’t know how to fit it into your wardrobe,” Moon says. "Fast-fashion retailers work too. There’s nothing wrong with testing a trend at H&M before you invest in it."

Don’t go overboard.

For all her love of eye-catching colors and patterns, Moon does believe there’s such a thing as being too bold. 

“I believe full force in mixing modesty and sexiness. Make it interesting, but in a subtle way.”

Transition with layers.

Fall in Colorado sometimes means that a day starts in the mid-forties but heats up to over 70 degrees midday. Moon says days like these need layers, and you don’t have to put away your summer clothes just yet. 

Get it 

“Animal Animal animal! We all (or should know) that animal print is a neutral. But instead of it being an accent piece, we're seeing snake print, zebra print and leopard print head to toe! Don’t be afraid to get a little wild in your wardrobe.”

Keep it

“Floral. If its a more muted, dark palette floral then it can be a great layering pieces with your dusters, sweaters jackets and trousers during the winter to give your wardrobe dimension and warmth. Think rich maroons, rust, emerald and neutral colors.”

Store it

“No rompers of any kind can be worn in the fall/winter. There is no excuse. Save your adorable off the shoulder rompers for the spring. Please no off the shoulder either. Less skin is sexy too!”

Wardrobe Stylist Hannah Moon
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