Fall Fashion Trends for 2023

Fashion collections are featuring bold shades and distinctive silhouettes this fall and winter. Here are the trends to look for!

Get your Red Hots!

Baseball season may be ending in a month or so, but the fall’s red hot fashion is just heating up. Practically every major designer featured the bold shade in their fall-winter 2023 collection in some form, from orangey reds to maroon to true fire-engine red. You won’t want to miss having this hot shade in your wardrobe for 2023.

For daytime, red sweaters pair well with neutral bottoms, like jeans, trousers, or skirts. On special occasions, you can really go all out with a red cocktail dress or gown. If head-to-toe red is a bit much for you, look for red accessories like a bold handbag or stunning red boots or pumps. 

Looking Under the Hood

A good hoodie will always have a place in a well-rounded wardrobe. After all, it’s got everything you need: comfort, coziness, added warmth, and stunning visual appeal. Fall Fashion Week highlighted pieces from modern parkas to dramatic faux-fur outerwear, and even basic hoodies. From the simple to the elaborate, these hoods add practicality as well as looks.

You can look for hoods on outwear and daywear this fall! From furry to sleek, it’ll add a unique touch to your wardrobe. You can even find hoods on evening wear! A long-sleeved cocktail dress with a matching hood attached or a chic special occasion coat might be your new best friend.

How Shawl We Dress?

Shawls have been adding coziness and texture to our wardrobes for years, and they continue to be a strong accessory this fall. Designers from all around the industry are leveling up their shawl game, using them as outerwear and wrapping buttery shawls over cozy sweaters for an extra layer of warmth and interest. 

You can find shawls this fall in traditional wools, cashmere, and blends. Muted, neutral colors that compliment your wardrobe make them versatile and keep you on-trend! Wear them over your arms to keep the chill off, tossed around your neck for an oversized scarf vibe, or even over your head to disguise a bad hair day and add drama.


It seems that practicality is on trend for fall/winter 2023. Wearability is the buzzword for the season, and everyone wants options in their wardrobe that will let them look nice and stay mobile and comfortable at the same time.

Tailored trousers and cozy knits in muted colors are both comfortable and stylish, and blush satin tanks with pencil skirts are endlessly wearable, especially for those who are returning to the office. Cozy cashmere or wool sweaters can pair well with straight-legged jeans, leather pants or short skirts for comfortable, casual looks that transition seamlessly from a day at work or running errands to a night out with friends.

Neutral trench coats can be worn with anything–jeans, pants, skirts, and more. Even better, they can carry you into the spring as well, staying in your collection and being restyled season after season.

Sock It To Me

Covering your legs is always pragmatic in the fall, but this year, it’s fashionable too! After many seasons of bare legs, hosiery is making a big comeback. Tights, socks, and stockings are all returning in different ways, like chunky ribbed socks with high-tops or ugly sneakers (think Reebok Freestyle aerobic sneakers circa 1985). Tights in various colors can pair with dresses and skirts to keep you warm and spice up an outfit, as can sheer hosiery in patterns and textures. Since it’s practical as well as beautiful, it’ll be great to see the impact that hosiery makes this fall!

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