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Fall Fashion for the Free-Spirited

Queenie & Pearl Shares Some Ideas

If you haven't been to Queenie & Pearl, it's quite the trip! These female creators, led by owner Lisa Banwell, have come together to create a retail space offering both new pieces and vintage finds - without any fashion or demographic rules. 

Browse the main floor for gifts, accessories and a vast selection of new clothes. Then, head upstairs to comb through hand-picked vintage finds, upcycled trend-setting pieces, scarves, jackets and more. Check out the vinyl collection, and then take a selfie.

Queenie & Pearl is all about enhancing your own individual style and finding something that will delight you and make you smile every time you put it on - regardless of age, bank account or size.

Here are some of the fun trends they are seeing for fall.

What’s new at Queenie & Pearl for fall? What’s happening in the new space?

Queenie & Pearl recently expanded next door and turned it into our Queenie Creative HQ! It's a
multi-functional space we use for photo shoots, graphic design, content creation, design Queenie
originals, and host meetings and events.

Are there any new brands you are carrying? What are the trends looking like for fall? 
We are bringing in a lot of exciting new brands! Stayed tuned on Instagram for new brand drops.
We are seeing a lot of cargo pants & skirts, crochet, graphic sweaters, all things Y2K inspired, and
shackets of course! We are still seeing a lot of bright & bold colors into the fall and winter seasons.

Is anything in particular flying off the shelf?
Anything and everything cargo, puffer vests, all things Y2K, graphic denim, and corsets!

What new vintage items have come into the store? 
Since we bring in 200+ vintage items each week, there is always something new to discover. This
Fall we created 2 new spaces; one dedicated to all of our vintage denim, and the other to Y2K

Is Q & P hosting any events for fall or holiday?
There are a lot of exciting events that Queenie is so excited to be a part of this fall! We will be participating
in Minnesota Fashion Week, as well as the shops of 50th & Xerxes annual Shop & Stroll. We are also
actively planning our 4-year anniversary celebration happening this November!

Instagram: @queenieandpearlmn

5014 Xerxes Ave S., Minneapolis. (612) 413-8560

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  • Crochet
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  • Puffer Vest