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3. Money Piece

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Fall Hair Trends

Deep Roots ATX owner (and Austin's most sought-after hairdresses!) shares the hottest hair trends for fall

1 Traditional Highlights with Base Breaks are back!!! Highlights to the scalp sometimes sliced and sometimes woven are back along with lightening natural bases with base breaks. We are seeing a lot more of this in salon than we have been the last five years. 

2.  Bangs and layers are in! Think 90’s Kate Moss super model vibes!!

3. Money Piece: We’re still seeing that bright face frame (money piece) we have been seeing just a little more blended now. The bright face frame piece should spill onto the hair for a more subtle framing.

4. Glam Curls are back! Think that not so beachy vibe! This is I’m trying hard and I want to look like it vibe! It’s best done by curling from the ends up with a 1 1/2 curling iron to make a nice round curl. Setting sprays like Davines medium hairspray and Randco Flexible Hold are great for this look. 

5. We haven’t forgotten about you Brunettes!! Balayage for brunettes is still the way to go! You get dimensions with a softness at the root for a lovely low-maintenance color. But beware brunettes -you have to be ok with warmth if you go this route. It’s going to happen, and it’s beautiful when it does!

  • 1 Deep Roots ATX owner Melanie Jacobs
  • 1 & 2: Highlights with base breaks - and bangs!
  • 3. Money Piece
  • 4. Glam Curls
  • Balayage for Brunettes