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Fall in Love with Natchez

3 of Mississippi's Finest Bed and Breakfast Inns

Charm and old-world sophistication await you in Natchez, Mississippi. Quite honestly, I did not know what to expect of this meridional city. Like most of the southern United States, civil rights made for tense environments in years past. However, rest assured this community is where “Yall Means All!” No one is a stranger and you will be welcomed with warm smiles. 

To my surprise, there is an undeniable pulse of history, architecture, story-telling, and authenticity that makes this destination one of a kind. Historically, Jewish descendants would migrate to Natchez from New York seeking refuge and respite. A blink of an eye may have you feeling the Hamptons spirit of spring but clearly there is a southern whisper that blows off the banks of the Mississippi that will awaken your curiosities about Natchez.

Whether you are seeking the thrill of Mississippi’s madam Nellie Jackson or the unfinished grandeur of Samuel Sloan’s Longwood octagonal mansion, one thing is for certain: you will leave Natchez with a reason to share your story of style.  

Pack your bags to visit 3 of the best bed and breakfast establishments to restore your peace of mind and rest your soul.

Dunleith Historic Inn

From its gravel driveway to the grand front door entrance, the Dunleith Inn was the perfect backdrop for an architectural selfie. From the Greek revival columns to the original horse stable that now serves as the main dining area of the inn, your stay will be unique to say the least. Larger than life thresholds and baby grand pianos make for a stylish corridor into the past lives that celebrated on the grounds of the estate. I marveled at the luxe of this antebellum mansion and wandered aimlessly around the 60 acres, never bored of the vast views and beauty that served as my home while visiting Natchez, Mississippi.


Concord Quarters

Magnolia-flanked gardens will capture you and send your mind soaring on how African Americans endured hardships amidst this phenomenal landscape. Concord Quarters is an 1820’s original slave quarters and is what remains of beautiful Concord, the first mansion built in Natchez, circa 1789. Ironically, now this cultural institution serves as a swanky and soulful celebration of mankind, where bed and breakfast guests can revel in nature’s beauty. Owners Gregory and Deborah Cosey will leave you thrilled and dangling on their every word with their enormous sense of history, dignity and pursuit to educate all visitors of the richness of Natchez.



A field day of interior design will certainly brighten your spirits upon arriving as Sunnyside. Furthermore, there is truly something sweet about this cottage. Owner, Colleen Wilkins makes some of the most delicate and delectable desserts known to man, daily. A plethora of treats paired with unique spirits will have your heart determined never to depart its stay. Avid readers step to the front of the line as this locale is the largest public library in Natchez. On a cozy Christmas fireside snuggle or a spring day on the Veranda, you can read and enjoy the naturalistic views that make this a perfect getaway.