Fall Indulgence

A Day at Enhance Image with Gigi Garzon and her new exclusive laser partner, Cartessa

Article by Shannon Barghols

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Originally published in Lake Murray Lifestyle

Fall is synonymous with fashion; rich and luxurious colors, warm and cozy fabrics, bold and trendy accessories. However, the most fashionable trend for Fall 2021 is focused on indulgence. And Lexington’s newest day and med spa delivers indulgence in a variety of ways. 

Just over a year ago, Gigi Garzon set out to create a state-of-the-art day and med spa. Her vision, with the help of her husband Mark, was to establish Enhance Image Day/Med Spa, a private, well-appointed retreat offering a full-service salon for women and men, a day spa that includes facials and massages, and a Med Spa offering peels, microdermabrasion, botox and fillers, hair and tattoo removal, dermaplaning and much more. Drawing on her fifteen years of experience caring for people through radiology, yoga and aesthetics, and her husband’s experience of setting up and running full Day/Med Spas, Gigi was encouraged to give the Lexington/Columbia area an exceptional exquisite Day/Med Spa. Her desire is to pamper her clients while delivering quality service and superb results.  and pampering that did not exist anywhere in the area let alone anywhere in the state. Enhance Image allows her to do this in a setting that is both luxurious and serene. Gigi said, “we have taken the typical medical-looking facility and transformed it to a beautiful relaxing spa oasis.”  Her exquisite facility is known for its private rooms for every service, a VIP lounge featuring a soothing waterfall and a tropical fish tank, where you will be whisked away in robes and slippers, and xxx with snacks and beverages.   

Each area of service exudes Gigi’s personal touch. The salon is where ambience and expertise work together to enchant the senses, enrich the body and enhance the beauty within. Offerings include a full-service women’s hair salon as well as various manicure and pedicure offerings. 

Gigi’s expertise really comes into play within the offerings of the med spa. Combining the most relaxing and healing techniques with the best practices from around the world, this series of treatments is sure to leave you pampered and refreshed. Facials ranging from anti-aging to clarifying acne, nourish sun damage, and out to lunch express packages can be coupled with microdermabrasion – which is a great alternative to a chemical peel. Enhance Image is proud to use and offer Glo Skin Beauty. These innovative skincare formulas are designed to balance skin type and pair seamlessly with treatment products to target and resolve skin concerns.

Other services within the day spa include the popular hydrotherapy tub treatment for two and couples massage room. Plus, there is the holistic wellness massage, which is an Enhance Image favorite. Incorporating aromatherapy, steamed towels, and varying pressure levels, the expert therapists deliver relaxation, improved flexibility and reduced muscle tension. Other massage options include deep tissue/sports and jade stone. 

The Med Spa is the crown jewel of Enhance Image, made possible by Gigi’s diligent efforts to cultivate partnerships with some of the beauty industry’s most respected brands. Gigi said, “In order to be a true full featured Med Spa, we need to add a complete line of the best and most advanced lasers the industry has to offer. This was truly a very daunting task. We were inundated by some of the largest laser manufacturers. Once they saw our unique Med Spa, they wanted their lasers represented. Each of them promised that they were the best, the biggest and that their lasers were our only solution. We were given comparison sheets about how inferior the Cartessa lasers were. They had us convinced. We even made a deposit until my husband, an electrical engineer, started drilling down on the true facts. The information was not only incorrect, but it also wasn’t even a proper electrical formula. We went back to Michael, Katie and Rob of Cartessa and told them that after much thought and extensive reference checks, we found that they were truly the leading aesthetic medical device provider. They were the only company that wanted to truly partner with us before and, most importantly after, the sale.”

This partnership has given Gigi the support she needs to flourish. Just as the magazine’s front cover illustrates, Cartessa has Gigi’s back - physically and literally. This support enables Enhance Image to provide the best clinical results and patient experiences. Enhance Image knows that with today’s fast-paced lifestyles, everyone wants results without the lengthy recoveries. Ultimately, this allows Enhance Image to deliver treatment success without trading off comfort, side effects and downtime!

Having the best equipment is the first step. Providing quality treatment is next. The most popular laser treatments offered by Gigi, her team, and Cartessa are the combination of CO2 and RF Microneedling.  Not sure which is right for you? Gigi can help with that. “We will design a treatment plan to deliver the results you desire,” says Gigi. “I like to think of CO2 as working from the outside-in, and RF Microneedling as working from the inside-out.” 


Virtue RF Microneedling Laser

Clients tend to love the VirtueRF because is the world’s first RF microneedling platform to help soften fine lines and wrinkles while also delivering an amazing experience.  Microneedling works by creating microscopic channels and delivering radio frequency heat energy at the desired depths to promote remodeling of collagen and elastin that tightens and lifts the skin.   With the VirtueRF, Enhance Image can customize the treatment settings to maximize the results while minimizing any discomfort – more than any other rf microneedling device on the market. The skin that grows back is thicker and smoother. This treatment is ideal for targeting fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, scars from acne, injury or surgery, as well as loose, sagging skin and cellulite. 

Tetra CO2 Laser

Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing has long been a gold standard in deep wrinkle correction. However, with today’s fast-paced lifestyles, it’s difficult for many to accept the lengthy recovery that comes from a traditional CO2 treatment. Until now. The SmartXide Tetra CO2 laser is one of the most advanced CO2 laser technologies available, with the ability to perform a broad range of treatments including a trademarked CoolPeel treatment. CoolPeel is a highly superficial CO2 treatment that improves tone, texture and fine lines and wrinkles as well as erase sunspots without the typical downtime from other devices.  CoolPeel and the Tetra CO2 have introduced the potential of CO2 to clients young and old because of its unmatched versatility and precision.

Skinwave Hydofacial

Cartessa’s Skinwave is one of Gigi’s favorites as it provides intensive exfoliation using a hydro-delivery system. Solutions rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrogen (H2) are infused deep into the skin, while gentle extraction removes impurities. The Skinwave facial is the ultimate compliment to brighten, improve vitality and tone in all skin types. Gigi recommends it if you are looking for skin revitalization, enhanced tone and brightness, a cleanse and exfoliation, oil and acne control, and overall hydration.

Physiq Laser

Most recently, the Cartessa team helped Gigi introduce Enhance Image clients to Physiq – a body-sculpting device that kills fat cells as it builds muscle. It’s one platform that addresses dual priorities in an individualized manner. Patients will love getting treated by Physiq because it is the only device that delivers deep heat to target tissue and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to target muscle.  Physiq is the only non-invasive body treatment to incorporate both energies sequentially in one session.  This maximizes results and offers a comfortable, hands-free, no downtime treatment. Short sessions bring amazing results. You must experience this treatment to believe it!

Motus Laser
Clients in the Lake Murray area are clamoring to experience the Motus AY from Cartessa. This newest laser for hair removal has elevated the treatment in two crucial ways. First, with Motus, the treatment is painless. Truly! And second, the treatment works on all skin types – even tanned skin. Gigi is quick to note, “No need for women to skip hair removal treatments in the summer, this unique Cartessa laser that can be used year-round. Motus also removes hair without impacting your tan!” Clients will find that Motus is also great for pigmentation areas and spider veins. 

Gigi is proud to offer premium products, cutting edge techniques, and spectacular services that will no doubt leave you with the most enjoyable, refreshing and memorable experience. Whether you are stopping in for a relaxing massage, transforming your look with a bright hydrating facial, or coming up with the perfect look for your big day with our bridal services, Gigi and her team wants you to feel welcomed, appreciated and valued. Lexington is spoiled to have this private retreat, and clients are encouraged to relax with friends, spend the day and visit often. 

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