Fall landscaping

Time for renovation

Fall is coming, and it’s a great time to consider changes to the landscaping around your home or business.

To get a better understanding of what can be done this time of year, I reached out to H&H Landscape, LLC, a local, family owned business under the stewardship of Randall and Whitney Holmes. The couple has more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Originally from Augusta, Georgia, Randall found his passion for landscaping through his time spent servicing the Augusta National Golf Course, the Holmeses shared. He has, in more recent years, served as the director of operations for companies in the Birmingham and Lake Martin areas.

“Our mission is to serve our community through showing the love of Jesus Christ and delivering high-quality landscaping with a small-town customer service experience,” they told me. “We can service and handle any of your family or business lawn care needs. We are looking forward to growing here in the city of Cullman and would love to have you embark on this exciting journey with us!”

About autumn landscaping, they said, “Fall is an ideal time for renovation due to cooler temperatures – any sod installation in bare areas or resodding entire turf areas, replacing damaged or dead trees/shrubs or completely renovating your bed spaces. As the foliage on your plants and trees starts to fall, you need to keep your property clean for the holidays. Pruning and target pruning are pertinent to maintaining the health of your trees and shrubs, as well as your desired look aesthetically. It’s also a good time for bed edging (with stone, etc.) There are so many more things to focus on this time of year!”

H&H specializes in lawn maintenance, planting trees and shrubs, renovations, design, installation, cleanup and curb appeal – pretty much anything a home or business owner could need for their yards.

Speaking of curb appeal, the Holmeses shared, “Curb appeal is very important for many reasons. As a homeowner, you want to give the best impression. Your home is the definition of your style. It often reflects what the inside of your home looks like as well. If you have curb appeal, it will help your home stand out. We like to work on homes and yards in various neighborhoods around Cullman and Smith Lake. Did you know curb appeal will increase the value of your home? We love to meet and talk with each client and get a feel of their personalities and bring that into the landscaping design of their home!”

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