Fall Makeup Trends

Beauty expert Shawntel Webster shares this season's hottest trends and

Shawntel Webster, the owner of Beauty Topix, definitely knows how to look her best. As a makeup artist with over 19 years of experience, she makes it her business to keep up with the latest styles and trends in the cosmetics world. 

Inspired by watching her mother's makeup routine as a young child, she became attracted to the creativity and beauty that cosmetics could create.

"She always had a flawless face with pops of color," Shawntel says, "I've always strived to have my skin and makeup look like hers."

As Shawntel got older, she loved the peaceful routine of putting on makeup before work. Before long, friends and colleagues would also approach her to do their makeup. After receiving formal training, she went into cosmetics full-time, working her way up the ladder at Urban Decay and Mac.

A few years later, she started her own business, Beauty Topix. She built a glamorous traveling makeup studio she could take anywhere, including weddings and formal events. She also caters to busy professionals and moms so they can skip the traffic and the babysitter. 

When asked why makeup is essential to her morning routine, Shawntel says it is all about confidence.

"When you feel more confident in your appearance, you show that confidence to the world," she says. "Even some lip gloss and a coat of mascara can make a world of difference in how you feel about yourself."

We asked Shawntel for her advice on what beauty trends are hot this season and what looks have got to go. 


If you have a naturally thick, bushy eyebrow, it's beautiful and you should keep it as is, but don't try to create it if you don't have it. You want to go with a natural groomed brow. Use a brow gel with a fibrous wand for best results, and those with thinner brows should fill in the sparse areas with a brow pencil using hairlike strokes.


The main focus this season is flawless-looking skin. You want to give your makeup the best possible base by creating a smooth canvas. Make sure to moisturize daily and exfoliate with a gentle salt or sugar scrub twice a week. It also helps to sleep on a silk pillowcase. Those with dry skin and large pores need to use a buffer brush to help press the foundation into the skin for a smoother finish. For your eyes, apply a soft powder through the crease, smudging on the eye's outer part. Complete the look with a glossy nude lip.


Make your lips the sole focus for a more dramatic look while adding just a little something to the eyes. You want to line the lip with a nude pencil and shade it with a darker red pencil before applying the red lipstick. Red lips must be shaped to perfection. Super glossy lips are also a big trend this season. 


Metallic eyeshadow is one of the biggest trends on the runways right now. You can apply it directly on the lid for a night out or add a little pop of color along the inner eye for a more understated look. Invest in quality products and read labels to avoid parabens and unwanted animal by-products.  


From Cleopatra to Marilyn Monroe, eyeliner has been a staple in the makeup world for centuries. The liner makes the eyes appear broader and more defined. The trick is proper application as you don't want your eyes to appear smaller by mistake.


Yes, it's back! After a solid run in the 1980s, blue eyeshadow took a backseat to warmer tones for several decades. This year the color was one of the biggest trends at New York Fashion Week and is being worn by celebrities and influencers. Go bold for a night out, or wear a lighter shade for your everyday routine. 




The overly flawless, doll-like skin with too much contouring looks great on Instagram, but in person, it can look alien-like and weird. 


Don't try to color in your thin eyebrows with a stencil or thick pencil. It can look blocky and unnatural.


Overdrawn lips can look strange and unflattering; keep your liner as close to your natural lip line as possible. 

To customize your look with a personalized consultation, contact Shawntel by visiting her website www.beautytopix.com or calling 832-836-7787.

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