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Fall Trends with Bella Sorellas

Get The Look of the Season With This Local Salon

Nestled in the heart of the Victoria Arcade, Bella Sorrellas Salon and Spa is a boutique beauty destination that captivates clients with its historical charm and enchanting ambiance. This salon is owned by Maria Iannetta-Pokersnik and has been a beloved part of the community for over a decade.

Inspired by their Italian heritage, Maria and her sister Carla, embarked on this entrepreneurial journey, establishing a salon that perfectly embodies their identity as “beautiful sisters" — also the name of the salon in Italian. With 16 years in business and 10 years of success in the arcade, Bella Sorrellas continues to provide a "high-end in a small town" experience, leaving clients feeling pampered and embraced by the warmth of genuine Italian hospitality.

As the leaves change colors and the air turns crisp, consider booking an appointment with the salon to refresh your look and embrace the latest fall hair trends and makeup. This season brings a delightful array of styles and colors that beautifully complement the autumnal atmosphere.

The Bella Sorellas team knows that true beauty stems from within, radiating through a person's character, kindness and confidence. But when it comes to overall appearance, fashion, hair and makeup play an integral role. This fall, trends are all about embracing denim on denim outfits, sporting casual yet chic blunt haircuts with subtle copper highlights and adorning a makeup look inspired by a layered sunset; all of which can be beautifully executed at Bella Sorrellas.  

Maria loves the new hair trend the “Hailey Bieber.” The trendy haircut is inspired by the renowned model herself, and is characterized by its clean lines and textured layers, creating a modern and edgy vibe. To add an extra touch of allure, copper highlights are seamlessly incorporated, adding dimension and warmth to the overall style. 

Bella Sorrellas makeup line, created by Maria, offers an array of products that perfectly complement the fall trend. Among the standout products is Luciadlabbra, an exquisite lip gloss that adds a touch of Italian elegance to any look. With its rich formula and stunning range of shades, Luciadlabbra provides a lustrous and glossy finish, enhancing the natural beauty of the lips. For those seeking a fuller pout, Maria's Labbra Carnose lip plumper is a must-try. This innovative formula gently plumps and enhances the lips, giving them a voluptuous and irresistibly kissable appearance. With Bella Sorrellas makeup line, Maria has created the ideal combination of luxury, style and functionality to elevate anyone's fall beauty routine.

Follow Maria and Bella Sorrellas on Instagram at @bellasorrellas_ for a daily dose of makeup artistry, insider tips and the latest trends that Maria's makeup line has to offer. Plus, schedule an appointment by calling 216.780.3120. Booth space is also currently available. Call for more information.