Fall's Interior Designs

Bold Colors And Other Trends Revealed

Article by Julie Brown Patton

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Originally published in West Chester Lifestyle

Spending more time than usual at home in the last few years led to many homeowners refreshing, or now wanting to repurpose their spaces. “One important goal has been constant, however. We want our rooms to make us feel good and to be beautiful,” says Deborah Bettcher, a Decorating Den Interiors professional based in West Chester.

She highlights interesting interior design trends as everyone heads into this fall.

Color: Go Bold

Bright rooms add a burst of energy. Color is popular in a big way. For the less daring, muted dusty, earthy hues reminiscent of sunsets and deserts can be applied. “Grays are transitioning to browns, and black is here to stay,” adds Deb.

She says for those who want to dive into the bold color trend, it does require a bit of thought and planning to ensure colors coordinate. “Consider two or three dominating colors and mix them into design elements in a repeating way,” she recommends.

Do splashes, not pops, she advises. If a bold-colored sofa or accent wall is too much, use lighting, art, rugs, vases, bowls or other accessories to add sprays of color, she adds.

Bringing nature indoors is still trending. Using green colors is one way to give an outdoor mood to a room. Deb suggests using green as a backdrop to natural woods and accents in other earthy colors.

Dorothy Draper, an influential decorator in the early 1900s who revitalized the Greenbriar Hotel in West Virginia, believed color not only adds ambiance to spaces, but also influences the mood of those occupying it. In her 1939 book Decorating is Fun, Dorothy offers this advice:  “Gather the samples of every color you intend using in your room first, then ask yourself whether you would wear them in one costume. If you wouldn’t, don’t ask your room to do it either.”


Textured fabrics, such as bouclé, velvet, leather and corduroy, appeal to the senses and add interest to a room's décor, says Deb. Richly upholstered furniture conveys an attitude of modern opulence, she adds. “Remember to add detail to your custom upholstery. This is especially important if a chair or sofa is going to float in the room. In that case, some contrasting detail on the back can make for a stunning statement,” she says.

Look to nature for inspiration for adding texture. The use of stone or wood accessories can both add texture and create a more peaceful outdoor-like sanctuary, she says.


A variety of new types of sofa beds, ottomans with storage, and other multifunctional furniture are great additions. One type of sofa, for example, can pull out to one single bed or form a double bed by pulling out both halves. There also are bed units that can be either a bunk bed or single. Deb says they’ve become much easier to convert, too.

Sectionals are more prominent and in a wider range of configurations, such as having one end as a chaise. Motion also is optional on more and more pieces, she reminds us.

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“In general, furnishing should not be seen as commodities. A beautiful space affects the senses. Create a space that makes you and others feel joyful,” Deb Bettcher recommends.

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