Family Fuels Success at Kitchen Tune-Up Atlanta Roswell

RL: How long have you had your business in Roswell and why did you choose the community to build your business and raise a family?  

JP: We’ve had our business in Roswell since February 2020 and have lived in neighboring Alpharetta since 2010. We have always loved Roswell’s community lifestyle, the homes and the small-town feel.

RL: Tell us about your beautiful family and your volunteer work in the community.

JP: Our two sons, growing young men, ages 14 and 12 were raised here since kindergarten and have made lasting friendships and connections. We have done cub scouts and boy scouts and with that comes tons of community service plans, from roadside trash collections to food drives, to building benches, community garden boxes and tiny library boxes. We have done them all! It's our pleasure to help these organizations grow and to support our kids and their interests. 

RL: Kitchen Tune-Up offers five different ways to update your kitchen within various investment levels. What a great idea. What is one way homeowners can update their kitchen at a mid-range price point? 

JP: Since we offer five different ways to update the kitchen, there is something in our toolbox for every price point! The easiest way to completely renovate the kitchen is by our re-dooring system where we’ll paint the cabinet boxes to a new color and install new doors. This gives you the look of a new kitchen without overspending.

RL: How will you be spending the Christmas holiday this year?

JP: We’ll be celebrating with ALL our extended family this year as last year’s celebration was kept to a minimum. 

Happy New Kitchen, Happy New Year!

Julio Penaranda, Owner
Kitchen Tune-Up Atlanta Roswell
Cell: 404.275.4477Office: 770.377.1916

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