Family Jewels

Jeffery Bollling spent more than two decades traveling the world selling diamonds and hosting remounting events for large national jewelry stores. After being on the road for 24 years, he settled down in Colorado and opened his own jewelry store, naming it Jeffery B Jewelers, because, as he puts it, you can never run from your own name. 

Jeffery used that name to build a good reputation for himself, not just forging friendships within the industry, but also gaining a following among customers who loved his work as a jewelry designer.

“The person has to trust your vision, and I got good at having people trust my vision,” Jeffery says about his now 30-year career in the jewelry industry as a designer and owner of Jeffery B in Southlands. 

He says what he loves most about being a jeweler is building relationships that last a lifetime. 

“As an investment, your engagement ring will rival your house and your car,” he says. “The person who sells you your diamond ring—because you don’t throw it away or trade it in—that person who sells you that is with you forever.” 

Relationships are big at Jeffery B. Jeffery's wife, Leslie, works there as a certified gemologist. And their 23-year-old son, Christian, joined the crew as a certified horologist, the resident watch maker, specialist and repairman.

Christian grew up traveling some with his dad, meeting important people in the jewelry industry across the country and learning so much along the way.

“It’s definitely special to be able to continue a legacy. A lot of kids don’t get a chance to do that,” Christian says. “There are guys in the industry who have known me since I was a little kid. They’re still doing all sorts of things in the jewelry business, and I have the ability to reach out to them.”

Christian says he has plans of eventually expanding the family business. And in the meantime, he says you’ll most likely find him quietly working at his bench on the complexities of making a one of a kind watch.

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