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Family Matters

A husband-and-wife team takes a multigenerational approach to chiropractic care

“I think working with kids can impact the whole family unit,” says Dr. Victoria Campbell of Tree of Life Chiropractic, a Portland practice that provides both pediatric and adult care. “It’s a multigenerational approach," she continues. "We’re healing generations, not just one person.”

Dr. Victoria and her business-slash-life partner, Dr. Conor Campbell, take a holistic approach to their work, placing an emphasis on stress relief rather than solely treating pain. “Even if you don’t have any specific symptoms, there are still benefits to chiropractic treatment,” says Dr. Victoria. For kids, who make up about 35% of the Campbells’ patients, those benefits include improved digestion, immunity, asthma and allergy symptoms, anxiety, sleep patterns, and more. When working with children, Dr. Conor explains, “we’re on the floor with them, we’re crawling around, and we’re adjusting them as they’re playing so they feel more comfortable.” The Campbells even perform adjustments on stuffed animals to ease their young patients’ fears.

“When you walk into our practice, our goal is that you feel at home, not at a medical office,” says Dr. Victoria. “We’re one of the only husband-wife teams in the area, which means you get to see two doctors instead of just one,” she adds. If you’re feeling a little nervous, the Campbells’ son, Emory, is more than willing to hold your hand. “We bring our son to work with us every day, and we like to say he adds a certain flair to the office,” Dr. Victoria laughs.