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FARM - Fruita Arts Recreation Marketplace

Bringing People Together

Have you discovered FARM in Fruita? They opened in February of this year, and they are so excited to share their collaborations with the community. The Fruita Arts Recreation Marketplace was born out of the desire to join the creative and recreational communities in Fruita. It all started 17 years ago when the Studio for Arts & Works was opened in Carbondale, CO. Later, when the owners were enjoying a Westwater river trip, they learned about a vacant building in Fruita, and knew it could be just the place to bring and expand their vision with Fruita.

FARM is a community of creative professionals and entrepreneurs cultivating their craft through mixed-use, retail and private working studio spaces. They have 19 artist studios and 5 retail storefronts including Rocky Mountain Public Media, Element Outdoors, the Zen Den, Happy Trails Colorado, and one open space waiting to be filled. FARM is home to creative professionals and they use the term “creative” in a loose fashion. They host visual, healing, and culinary arts, as well as yoga, printmaking, woodwork, apparel, and even custom bicycle builds. 

FARM would like the community to know that everyone is welcome. There is always something new, and therefore it is a great place to stop by often. They have a master schedule of events on their website, as each retailer has their own schedule and events. FARM is the host of Fruita Fourth Fridays on the fourth Friday of each month. They will also be hosting a Holiday Event and then a Winter Event in February. There are yoga and ceramics classes. The Muse, one of the newest tenants, even hosts open media nights.

What a great way to support the community and enjoy something unique to Fruita.