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Farm to Fork

Gorgeous, Hand-Picked Boxes of Local Produce

Your doorbell rings and you can’t help but smile at what has arrived: a box brimming with bright leafy greens, luscious fronded carrots, and brilliant blood oranges almost too stunning to eat. Farm to Fork serves Colorado with custom-curated boxes of local farmers' freshest seasonal produce.

This community-focused, family-owned Colorado Springs business partners with local farmers and artisan producers to provide fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy and artisan specialties. Everything at your local farmer’s market now can be delivered right to your front door.

For Colorado Springs residents, eating healthy has never been so easy.

Supporting Local Producers

This unique cooperative gives Colorado Springs residents easy access to the best produce and artisan products in the area and provides customers an opportunity to support their local producers and small businesses.

Visionaries Jesse and Yolanda’s agricultural roots and commitment to serve the community fuels their mission, “We want the best for everyone, the customer, the farmers, local producers and small businesses all in one. So, we designed a model that would benefit and make the most of our community. We hope to make all the farmers and producers we work with as successful as they can be while promoting health in the community. That’s what we value most.”

Their personal approach ensures your customized box will be full of the richest, freshest and most nutrient-dense products.

Hand-Picked Produce

“We not only focus on finding local food, but we take pride in making sure it’s quality. Being a small, family-owned business, we have the advantage of being hands-on when it comes to quality control, sourcing, and choosing the products. We hand-pick every piece of produce for every Harvest Box we put together.”

Eating fresh and living healthy is only one Harvest Box order away. 

Facebook: @farmtoforkcolorado 
Instagram: @farm_to_fork_colorado