FarmHaus Catering and Five Star Event Services

A local mainstay and guiding light in event services is Five Star Event Services.  It is continuing its growth and reach with FarmHaus Catering and they are soaring to new heights of success. 

This full-service event and catering company specializes in transforming your party into a “Five Star Event!”

At the helm is longtime business owner and creative genius, Jason Lewis.  He knows his customers; he knows this community and he knows how to deliver the most spectacular events he likes to call ‘experiences.’ 

“It is so much more than just catering food; we take it way beyond that. We make your dreams come true! Whatever you can imagine, we make it happen. What you can’t even begin to try and picture – we create it for you. It is all about YOU. But it is so much more than helping with your wedding or your party or event, we specialize in bringing your dream to life and creating the entire EXPERIENCE for you,” Jason explains. 

Calling his business, “Community Based. Community Focused. Community-Centric,” is the mainstay behind both Five Star Event Services and FarmHaus Catering.

Five Star Event Services has called McKinney home for 12 years – all of it in downtown McKinney. Even being named and winning the prestigious “Emerging Business of the Year'' award.  And they continue emerging and growing and offering everything bigger and better.  Recently having moved into their new location in The Mill District in historical downtown McKinney, it is complete with their own tasting room. 

“Our passion and our bread and butter is catering,” he explains, “which is why we created FarmHaus Catering. It is an extension of Five Star Events but allows us to also focus on our passion for food and creating menus and catering.” 

But FarmHaus offers so much more than just bread and butter, “it represents excellence and a genuine farm-to-table experience for our clients,” Jason stresses. “We use locally-sourced ingredients and herbs, with only the freshest products that are scratch-made. This is key and very important for us.” 

His inspiration for his delectable menus? You could say it’s a combination of a global perspective with a local spin, “I literally travel the world looking for ideas and dishes to use as inspiration in creating our menus with our local McKinney signature and spin. It is all about fitting into our community and personalizing and customizing it specifically for our clients. And for our incredible community.”

“We are all about full-service and can provide everything for our customers,” that Jason likes to call family, “there is not a detail we can’t help with or provide – from the very beginning to the very end!”

When he says everything, he means it. From servers and bartenders to linens and glasses and bar wear to the venue and creating your own fully personalized and completely customized menus and every detail you can imagine – Five Star Event Services and FarmHaus Catering caters to YOU. They even offer an event center, Venue at Frisco Town Center, if you’re not sure where you want your party. 

They offer you absolutely a complete turn-key service, “you tell us when, where and what you want and we do all the work, bringing your own custom and personalized vision to life! You just show up and enjoy the party!”

It’s not unusual for FarmHaus and Five Star Event Services to create magical events – and it’s not unusual for some weekends to be continually filled with at least seven weddings and events. 

While they specialize in hosting weddings, also key in their business is the community enrichment and involvement in community-based events. Hosting monthly events, Jason says he gets so much out of them, “we are instrumentally involved in these community events and it is so gratifying!”

Let Jason, their expert chefs and staff bring your vision and five-star event to life by customizing and creating your magical event!

Jason Lewis

FarmHaus Catering


Five Star Event Services




Located in The Mill District of Historical Downtown McKinney
601 E Louisiana St.

McKinney, TX 75069

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