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Figuring out which colors work best on a skin tone can be a difficult business. Some professionals say to examine color by looking at your veins on your wrist. I promise it isn’t really that complicated. In fact, let me make it as simple as possible and nail down some specific colors that will flatter each skin tone.

Dark Skin Tones:

Try rich deep colors, like emerald greens, sapphire blues, royal purple, bright white and even pastels to look fabulous. Cobalt and bold colors look incredible against dark skin tones. Light yellows and pastels stand out too. Ruby and dark reds just sparkle, and you definitely get extra style points when you wear these colors. What about some olive green and khaki colors? Absolutely, and do not hold back on white. White is a fresh color that makes the skin glow. And for Spring 23? Try some bright pink because it couldn’t look better against dark skin tones! Just a hint, earth tones tend to be the least flattering colors.

Medium Skin Tones:

Metallic, metallic, metallic. Medium skin tones can pull off metallic colors effortlessly. Shimer from silver to cooper. Want to continue that shimmer, try dove gray. If lighter skinned on the medium skin tone spectrum, opt for charcoal gray and for darker tones try a very pale gray. Try some neon too. Neon is highlighter worthy and perfect for medium skin tones.

Light & Fair Skin Tones:

Baby blue, camel, and seafoam greens are amazing on light skin tones. Camel/tan creates an appealing contrast to light skin tones and the camel color always makes pieces look more expensive. Pale shades of green are just light enough to complement fair skin. Pale green also freshens up the look for spring, but don’t forget the white ankle boots to complete the look. The pale shade of blush also called millennial pink looks amazing on fair skin tones. What color is tailor made for fair skin tones? Lavender!

In the end, the rule is that there are no rules to fashion, you can literally wear whatever colors you’d like, and I bet you’d look amazing in them. But, when we identify which colors flatter specific skin tones and brighten skin and hair, it will definitely help you feel more confident when getting ready for the day. And my greatest goal is for you to look vibrant, stand out in a crowd and radiate your beauty from the inside out. 

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cabi Style with Leza Local Love 

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