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Fashion Face Masks You Can Order Online


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Provided

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Sanctuary is using our resources to produce over 5 million N95 masks to support our medical community as they battle this virus on the frontlines across the nation.

In addition to producing medical masks for the nation, our CCO + Co-Founder Deb Polanco is leading the launch of our Essential Lifestyle Masks just for you. These masks were designed to create a barrier to protect you from the environment around you, while also making you feel confident. 

Right now, they are available in disposable 5-pack sets for pre-order (expected to ship by April 15). Soon we will be releasing washable individuals that can be reused - stay tuned on that! 

The best part, each purchase of our Essential Lifestyle Masks will allow us to donate a mask to organizations in need. We are already taking action immediately and the first donation of masks will support a local Los Angeles hospital this week.

  • One Size | Unisex
  • Fabric content shell: 100% cotton muslin with a double inner layer
  • Fabric content filter: 100% polypropylene melt-blown
  • Care: Dispose of after a few uses. We suggest disinfecting the mask after each use with alcohol
  • Import from China
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