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Sunny Hers by KJ

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Fashion Forward To Summer, Finally

How To Achieve a Look of Elegance This Season, Via Style and Mood

Article by Ashley Alt

Photography by Kristen Jensen & Maria Risso

Originally published in Ridgefield Lifestyle

Wardrobe stylist Maria Risso and boutique owner Sunny Hers give us the inside scoop on what constitutes a chic summer look. Whether you love incorporating of-the-moment trends or gravitate toward a more classic approach to fashion, rest assured whatever you're wearing will look elevated so long as you exude confidence.

Trends Maria is loving right now include "everything fringe, textured, embellished." Her tip for staying on trend while looking polished: Add some texture and make sure to stick to one “trend” at a time. "Always in moderation," she confirms.

Talking New England style specifically, Maria suggests adding an updated floral, a wide leg denim, or leather blazer to bring a pop of color or interesting detail. "Wear your nautical stripe t-shirt with an oversized cardigan, opt for a flowy maxi dress instead of a shift," she recommends. "Small changes can really update a look," she concludes.

Owner of HERs Modern Boutique Sunny Hers explains that elegant style is completed when you reveal your own style that is "a little different from others, while being appropriate for the time and place." She adds the material, fit, silhouette and small details are what ultimately create a unique and elegant style.

"The best thing about fashion is that it can express each variety and uniqueness of a person," Sunny says. "It's fun to be able to create your own individuality with different styling, even with the same clothes. Helping people find it is my favorite thing to do."

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  • Maria Risso
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