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Best Advice From A Father Figure In Your Life?

As the saying goes, Father Knows Best. Local residents share words of wisdom this Father's Day.

Rex Glendenning 

Broker/Owner of REX Real Estate

My grandfather, Thomas John Glendenning (Daddy Tom), immigrated from Scotland with his family and was born in Texas in 1887. He always told me, “Never talk about how many cattle or how much money you may have.” This is where the “all hat no cattle” adage may have originated.

Photo: Holly Farrow

Moises Casillas

Owner of Lucy’s on the Square

My father-in-law explained this to me in reference to managing and leading teams. "Team members are like spinning tops. You train them to make them start spinning. But every day you must check on them to be sure they stay spinning." You have to give them the best tools and "touch.” You can't forget they need the soft touch to keep spinning.

Marc Rylander

Celina Lifestyle Contributing Writer

My grandfather, Ed Hogan, ushered television into the Dallas market. He was a larger-than-life TV personality at WFAA and knew practically everyone in Dallas in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. On being a public figure, he always said, “When your critics speak of you—which they often will—stay on the high road. Your reaction is their only power.”  

Philip Ferguson

Celina City Councilman

My father, Donald Gary Ferguson, told me, “Think what you want but watch what you say.” 

Photo: Jessica Cernat

Nicole Wierick

Celina Lifestyle Photographer

My Dad is the hardest working person I’ve ever known. I spent many weekends drinking Dr. Peppers in his shop while he worked on Diesel engines. His best advice was, “If you want things in life, you have to work hard for them. Never rely on anyone else, and if you don’t have the money for something, save your money and pay cash.”


  • photo credit: Jennifer Cernat