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Fatherly Advice

Words Of Wisdom From Our Communities Passed From Father To Son

Chances are, your dad passed along some words of wisdom that have stuck with you for life. Here are a few words of advice that really hit home for some men we know here at Wayne Lifestyle.

Jack Taylor - You only have 1 reputation in your life...make it count.

Kenny Jacobson - Trust your gut.

John Plunkett - Be the best John Plunkett you can be.

Anonymous - Don't just get it...earn it.

Mike Maloney - A Smart man learns from his mistakes. A Really smart man learns from the mistakes of others.

Anonymous - May you get what you want and want what you get.

Chris Vaglio - Always cover your drink at a party.

Dave Faccone - Be kind and ask good questions.

Marc Mustachio - She's not a queen....she's THE queen.

Anonymous - Take out the biggest bully first.

Jeremy Sulit - Don't worry about things that haven't happened yet.

Tom Bentey - Give it everything until you've got everything.

Anonymous - Do what you say or what you say doesn't matter.

Connor Kemp - Be what you want your kids to be.

Phillip Barone - Life is all about peaks & valleys. Don't get too excited when you're up or too upset when you're down.