Fauves Studio Encourages Artistic Expression

When it comes to art studios in the Conejo Valley, we are spoiled for choice. If you don’t take your children to one of them for regular art lessons, you’ve probably been to paint night where you sipped wine with friends while painting with the guidance and instruction of a pro. But unless you’ve been to Fauves in Westlake, you haven’t unleashed your inner Jackson Pollock with a splatter event. The former Art Studio Agoura in Old Agoura was relocated to Westlake in June and rechristened as Fauves.

“Fauves was an art movement in the early 20th century that emphasized colors and brush strokes more than realistic representation,” explains Owner Elena Avanesova. “The name comes from the French word for wild beasts. Our approach to instruction has always been to focus on the creative output as much as the technical aspects of art. Whether someone comes for regular art classes or just the occasional paint night, I want them to leave with a sense of accomplishment in creation. Straight lines and perfect perspective are not as important as expressing yourself freely through a variety of art mediums.”

One attractive feature on offer at Fauves Studio is the Splatter Room. Paper or canvas is placed on the walls and floors, artists select their paints and brushes, sponges, rollers and other applicators, including bare hands and feet to create their work Pollock-style. They can throw, fling, press or smear the paint—whatever comes to mind. It makes a mess, but parents needn’t worry—the paint is all water-based and nontoxic. The paint-spattered clothes can go right in the wash.

It’s not all wooly and wild at Fauves—it’s an open art space for all ages and every imagination. Fauves offers more traditional art classes, for individuals or small groups, children and adults. Those who prefer to work on their own can just drop in for open studio hours, where they can take advantage of the creative space and materials to develop their projects without instruction, at their own pace. If you’re looking for a more social setting to practice your art, Fauves also has paint nights for adults, and kids parties for birthdays and other occasions. For the social events, Fauves staff provides guidance for a specific project, with a less formal approach than the regular classes. 

Whether you are looking for a class, a night out or just want to explore on your own, Fauves has something for you. Our students and customers like having a choice of art medium and subject, along with the flexibility in scheduling. The constant at Fauves is that students and customers, regardless of age or technical ability, can find personal expression through the creative process. 

Visit Fauves Studio at 31368 Via Colinas, Unit 109, in Westlake Village, or contact them at 818.699.6066 or info@fauves studio. Learn more at Fauves.Studio.

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